Twin Souls, the most unromantic yet greatest love story you will ever live and more and more twins are reuniting in this time

shiva-shaktiTwin souls over-romanticized BS or true love?

I have been thinking about writing an article about twin flames (twin souls) for some time. But every time I felt it wasn’t the right time. This morning after a twin flame runner showed me a real peek behind the facade he had pulled up for the outside world, I knew the time had come to write my own twin soul article.

I have known about twin souls since I was nine years old. I grew up in a spiritual community in California and I can still see myself sitting there reading about twin flames. I was struck by the concept and desperately wanted to believe in the idea of being destined for just one… As time went by and I grew up, like many I distanced myself from the spiritual beliefs of my parents to find my own and twin souls became nothing more than over-romanticized bullshit to me.

That was until 2014 when I met a young guy online that had such an impact on me, that I soon realized – he was the one, he was my twin flame. God, if I had known then what I was in for I think I would have become the runner! What started as an after office hours online flirt, quickly became the most important person in my life. Even though thousand and thousands of miles separated us. Within one month I was damn sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him – marry him and have his child. For him (24 at the time) this was the happiest day of his life to hear this, he wanted nothing more until he realized he had one small problem his (Indian) family would never go for it. So he did the only thing he could think of, he disappeared on me without a warning. He just ran and cut off all contact.

There is always an obstacle

One of the tell tale signs of a twin flame connection is an immense inexplicable pull towards each other combined with a sure fire obstacle that keeps you apart. I’m always amazed at people who deliberately want to find their twin soul and ask the Universe to bring their twin flame into their life, they have no fucking clue what they are asking for because twin flame love is nowhere near what we consider to be love in our society. I also secretly smile when people come to me gushing over, with ‘love’ cause they found their twin soul and life is so perfect.  I always tell them if this is really your twin flame, you better buckle up cause you are just about to hit the rollercoasters like you have never been on any in your whole life. Meeting your twin soul ALWAYS starts a cleansing and purging process, bringing up your own shit that still needs to be healed.

There is often something keeping twins apart, until the time is right. Large age differences, cultural differences, long distances, he’s married, she’s married, they are both married. He’s married to your sister, your twin is the same sex and what to do with this huge attraction? Usually whatever the obstacle is, it brings a lot of shame and is a big hit to the ego to overcome it. It is set up this way, because twin flame relationships are designed as an express way to enlightenment. The struggle and the pain caused by the obstacle in combination with the extreme pull both twins feel towards each other and their undying love for each other can literally pull them out of their ego and back into Oneness with all that is.

I put the word love in quotations earlier, because until you have met your twin soul you have no clue what love is. Not in the real sense of love. That is what the twin flame process comes to achieve in your life, it will help you birth real love, unconditional love for the other, for yourself and for the world. This might sound arrogant, but trust me once you meet your twin soul you will realize you never knew what true love felt like, until now.

You can’t break the connection, no matter what you try

The twin flame stage is set up in such a way that you can’t leave, no matter what you try. No matter how good you are in walking away from (possibly toxic) relationships, you won’t be able to break away from this one. The bond is unbreakable, believe me my twin and I tried everything. So you are fucked, cause there is no way out. Even if you are the runner or try to run, the Universe is in-exhaustive in her creativity to push you back to each other.

By keeping you locked into the bond with each other a healing process is started that will pull you through every pain or fear you would otherwise never even consider facing, until you are cleansed to the core. Your love for each other that started as something that you will later look back on and hardly recognize as love, will only grow deeper as the immense pull keeps pulling you toward each other with a force that you have never felt before in your life. This is scary as hell for both of you, but usually it is the guy that runs.

Even women tend to run and try and hide in overeating, games with other men or other attempts to sooth the extreme pain. It doesn’t work anymore though. Myself just after my twin ran for the hills, I figured the best way to get over a guy was to get under one. After all we had only known each other two months before he ran, so I could just go back to life as it was. I had two guys that I could call when I wanted some bedroom fun. I called one and he was on his way. I was driving home to meet up with him, when I got a Twitter dm from a friend and client showing me this hot guy that she saw for me. The guy himself was not my type, I’m not into bodybuilders – his name however struck me like lightening. He had the same first name and last name as my twin. Needless to say, even though the bedroom friend tried his best – it was ruined. We never saw each other again because I couldn’t give myself to anyone anymore so shallowly after feeling such a deep connection with my twin – who at that point had only been at the other end of a screen or a phone.

It took me a couple more months with the other guy and my twins best friend (that’s how unbreakable the bond is) who got too close trying to stop my endless stream of tears, to realize that there was only one man for me – no other man at that point could give me what my twin gave me (and we had still not met in real life). He wasn’t even talking to me. He was trying to hide himself in a relationship with a girl in his friends circle. Still I decided to commit myself fully to him. I had never been someone for one night stands, but I had not been in any serious relationship since my divorce then already 5 years before.

I made the strangest decision ever. I decided to keep myself only for my twin, forsaking all others even when he wasn’t there. Even when he wasn’t talking to me. He was supposed to get engaged shortly after we met, but somehow that never happened. All I knew was, if I wanted a love like I had experienced with him to stay permanently in my life – I had to match that energetic frequency with my actions to manifest this love in my life, with him or his equivalent.

Twin flame or just a toxic asshole?

What happened for me is that when I stopped fighting the connection, when I stopped trying to run and hide, I started healing smaller and bigger trauma’s I had been carrying around with me for way too long. Like most adults I had my own baggage from the past, from my childhood, wounds with my dad, wounds with my mother, wounds from my childhood religion, two ex-husbands to forgive even deeper and myself and life for loosing my youngest baby girl only 13 days after she was born.

To my amazement all the pain I felt brought on by my twin running out on me, took me on a journey of healing all these past hurts. Friends, family, co-workers thought my twin was the biggest heartless asshole to ever walk the planet, but knowing him had only brought improvement in my life. I had only gotten out better, then when I got in. Every time I realized I had so much to be grateful for even when it had hurt like hell. He didn’t actually do that much. He loved me, saw the real me and loved every atom of my being and then disappeared.  He tried once afterwards to tell me he didn’t love me anymore but almost choked in his own words, laughed sheepishly and then ran some more.

Hardly very abusive behavior. I would bang on his walls and once in a while when he couldn’t keep me out any longer he would let me back in for a sweet couple of minutes, sometimes hours and then he would run some more again.

When you’ve got yourself a toxic asshole, you will feel it because life will only get worse and he will make you feel worse about yourself. In a twin flame relationship you will never feel worse about yourself. Rather through seeing yourself through the eyes of your twin, you will only learn to love yourself more.

Signs from the Universe

After months of running and me finally ready to give up completely, utterly exhausted from banging on his walls I gave up and surprisingly he opened the door to a crack again. After six months of blocking me as much as he could, he had to admit that his plan to forget each other wasn’t working as he had hoped it would, he couldn’t forget me either. We had still never met each other in real life. We had never kissed. We had only talked, texted and maybe one or two video chats. He had found himself a hot girl to bang, yet still he thought of me when he was falling asleep at night.

After that he ran some more. I started to feel a baby soul around me and started telling him about this. I decided to start preparing myself to receive this child and kept him in the loop so I wouldn’t scare the shit out of him when he did show up on my doorstep. I was sure I would open the door one day and he would be standing there. Most guys will run the other way when a woman starts to talk about babies, he started coming closer and closer. It was the weirdest thing ever.

Anyone listening in on our conversations knowing how short we knew each other and how little time we had spent together in that short time period would have been baffled by how we sounded like we had been a couple forever. We both realized this and both had our own way in dealing with our insecurity about how REAL this could actually be, logically speaking. He was just skeptical and said ‘I am just another guy you met online, you have met so many. Why do you love me?’

I took my refugee in asking signs from the Universe and boy did I get signs. I got all the signs I asked for and then I actually didn’t dare trust them, because what would I do to myself if I let myself believe them and they turned out to be not true. How would I survive that? I got my signs often in pairs of three, especially when they were specific signs I had asked for. Like the Universe really wanted me to fully comprehend, that this was really a sign and not just a fluke coincidence. Then I started to see 11:11 all over the place. It was nonstop. I Googled it and read that it among other things, means you are about to meet your twin flame in the physical.

Twin flames are governed by divine timing

Shortly after the explosion of 11:11 in my reality I got an invitation out of the blue to attend a wedding in India where my twin would also be. There was no way in hell he could get himself out of this one. My twins best friend was getting married and wanted me at the wedding, even though this friend and I had had a falling out six months back, we had also been best friends to each other and he wanted me with him on this special occasion.

My twin had only two weeks before written me the sweetest email about his non existing love life, his focus on his work and the real reason why he tried to keep me away from him most of the time. After that email he had come back on Whatsapp said he had until then never shared his problems with anyone and then continued to describe how he wanted to make love to me.

The day I got the wedding invitation my twin had stopped talking to me. I found out later from him he had gone back to the girl he had been seeing. He refused to talk to me until I was there in front of him. Three long months he refused any and every contact, only one time when I had sent him a voice clip crying he sent one back that he was sorry to make me feel like this. Another time there was an earthquake in his region and he responded to let me know he was okay, That was it. Even when I did Karwa Chauth for him, a fast that Indian women do for the well being of their husbands – he completely ignored me.

I had to get on a plane to India by myself, to go to a village in the middle of fucking nowhere trusting that even though my twin refused to talk to me he was longing to see me too. Most people would have never gotten on that plane.  I decided I wasn’t going to let a little bit of difficult behavior on his side fuck up the most important meeting in my life. I worked hard on myself to let go of all my anger, disappointment, frustration and pain. Hell bent not to let anything poison this epic moment.

The Universe always has your back

I am so glad I did get on that plane and that I had the guts to trust the words my heart was telling me. No he wasn’t there to meet me at the airport, although I had hoped that. He also didn’t come along when his friends came out to meet me in the hotel I was staying in. He called me the next night to calm me down and assure me we were going to be together when he also came to the village. When he heard I was staying the whole week in the village, he cancelled his plans to go to the city to stay with me.

When we first touched, our hands found each other and intertwined it was like the print of his hand burned into my skin. Hours later I could still feel his touch. Only two nights later we became lovers and it felt like we were already a married couple. Even though we were in the house of our friend with about 40 Indian relatives all around us, he managed to sneak into my room two nights to sleep in each others arms.

After the village I booked a hotel in the city where he lived and the running slowly started creeping back in. He admitted to be involved with a girl there… it had not broken the bond from his side and although I have walked away from men before who were elsewhere involved, it didn’t break the bond on my side either.

Until he was sure he could stay with me, that we could be together – he didn’t want to make me pregnant. In the village there was no risk of pregnancy. In a hotel room all alone, that became a completely different story. He started refusing my calls, staying away. The night I left his city my team who was traveling with me and I took an Uber cab. With a half address found on the internet and a lot of help from the Universe we found his house miraculously.

He came down to see me, I deliberately stayed out of sight of his family because I knew that was the whole reason he was running. He was so happy to see me. After we talked he held my hands as he looked into my eyes and love was just streaming from our heartchakra’s radiating through every pore in our body. I have never experienced anything like that with another human being. I never felt more loved, or felt more love for the other. It was earth shattering.

The next night he stood me up at the airport, we called and he repeated four times he wished he was coming with me. Instead guess what? Yup, he ran again.

Twin souls and your soul purpose

That was four months ago. He learned from the last time. In the village he told me, ‘I did my damn best to stay away from you – but your persistence got to me and I couldn’t keep you away from me any longer‘. This time he refused to talk to me on phone, he knew I can hear every emotion in his voice and that he would be a goner if he let me come that close. The little communication we have had, has gone over Whatsapp in text.  It was brutal, when I finally got him to explain himself. He wasn’t doing anything he said. I was trying to make something out of nothing. It should be clear to me by now that he doesn’t love me he said. ‘I admire you, I really do. But I don’t love you the way you think I do.‘ In short 180 degrees shift compared to where we left off, which was looking at how we could take the next step towards a life together.

My work life has been on steroids since I came back. I have been working like crazy the past months finishing up projects that had been pending and feeling pushed in a completely new direction. In India I had already asked my twin to take over my branding agency, he is also owner of among other things a design company. Now back home, I really needed him to step in and take over from me, he refused even though nothing had happened – I had done nothing wrong. It didn’t matter. He had made up his mind. I had no place in his life anymore, not as a lover, not as a friend and also not work related. A total shutdown, after two years he even closed off his Viber account  – he had always used this to let me know he was listening to me. I had pushed him before, he always left the message read notification on. Now it was turned off.

The oddest thing was that I was getting really positive signs in regards to a mutual future when in my physical reality things only seemed to get worse and worse in any case between him and me. Because on all other levels things were expanding rapidly. When I came home I confided in my mom that I didn’t know how I would survive if my twin shut me out of his life forever. She said, you survived the other two… You will survive this time too and she was right. Although nothing went as I hoped, I have so much to be grateful for.

This run like every time my twin flame ran before, brought me such a gift, the gift of really stepping into my own power completely and living my life purpose. Where before I wondered how on earth I would survive without him in my life, I now know for sure I’m going to be okay no matter what. Before my trip to India I knew I had a life purpose greater, than the business I had set up. But I was in no way ready yet to step into my mission.

After meeting my twin in real life, everything changed. Now recently as I was working with a healer on my new business and formulating the slogan, a blast of energy started streaming down through my crown chakra all the way down to my root chakra. I then felt a pulsating sensation in my heartchakra and root chakra in the tailbone. When the energy came lose it went up quickly through all chakra’s up to the sixth but it couldn’t reach the seventh. It kept coming up in waves until finally it also reached the seventh. An even more powerful energy flushed through each chakra and I was able to access each chakra with my attention and feel the unrestricted flow of energy move through each separate chakra. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. After this experience I was much more sensitive to how things feel. Like a heart GPS was activated, to guide me even more securer on the new road I am embarking on.

And then there is grace…

In the midst of all this the Universe brought another twin flame couple in my life. He actually has the same first and last name as my twin and she and I both have the same pet name for our man without knowing this of each other. Actually he brought her into my life. I had met him at the wedding in India and after I left he bumped into his twin quite unprepared and unexpectedly.

They were madly in love when he introduced me to her. Keeping a love diary together, writing their beautiful love story together. He knew within one week he wanted to bring her home as his wife, the only problem – he was already married… His again Indian family didn’t respond all too well. It took him about one week. I had warned her, she was sure they could skip the runner phase… He ran like fucking hell.

180 degrees shift. Cold as ice, where before he was hot as lava with her. She was devastated and cried. I stayed with her for hours on Whatsapp to give her courage, to talk her through her pain. To stop her from using guys around her like an ego band-aid like I had done. Giving her the understanding she needed and someone to confide in, where there was no one in her environment who would have understood all this seemingly insanity.

I intuitively stayed away from him. He her twin contacted me once at Holi (Indian celebration) recently. I asked him how he was and he gave me this bullshit fake answer that his life was awesome and he was doing great. I was like ‘Yeah, right!‘ But who knows right, that could be how he felt. He didn’t know that I knew every intimate word he had ever said to his twin. We girls tend to get very detailed and intimate once we share our grieve.

Yesterday my twin really closed the last door he had kept open. Okay he could finally block my phone number, but I have no interest in driving him that far. This is clear enough. Even though it seemed a nightmare come true a few months ago, it felt exactly right now. Sure, I wished we could still be in each others lives but still this felt exactly as it should be.

Just before, I had decided that seeing that I had asked all these signs from the Universe again recently and got each and everyone, I was going to take a leap of faith this time and trust them blindly even when they seemed impossible looking at the current reality. The last sign was so amazing that the Universe showed it three times not to me, but someone close to me. Just to make sure that I would really understand how much this was really a sign and not a figment of my imagination.

The next morning I wake up to messages of the runner twin from the Indian twin couple, who is now finally showing his real feelings. He is telling me how much he still loves her. How he can’t stop thinking about her. How he will never love again as he loves her. That he sees no other option than to choose for his family, but that he himself has lost what was most precious to him.

Tears of love roll down my face, as I realize that her twin is telling me everything my twin wants to tell me but can’t because otherwise he will never be able to leave me….

Don’t forget twin flames aren’t about a romantic happy end

So if you are also the one who was left behind in your twin flame relationship I hope this article helps you see the blessings your twin has brought you. That you like me decide to trust the signs the Universe* gives you, even when they seem wacko in this moment. That you realize that what your runner twin is showing you, is not how he really feels about you. That is no excuse to put up with shit of course, but it will help you see that it’s in no way personal. Seeing this other twin flame couple up close like I have this past 1,5 month, really showed me that most of the things that I did my best not to take personally and not always successfully – were not personal at all, they are Universal for the twin flame process.

*Often when you make a decision to do something differently, the Universe will test you. When I decided I was going to trust my own judgment, my twin told me that it was clear he didn’t love me. He admired me, but he didn’t want to be with me. He said he didn’t want a relationship like ours. When I asked why, he said no reason. Just a matter of preference. It was like he was telling me the sky was green and not blue.

When I decided to fully rely on the signs I was getting from the Universe no matter what I saw in my current reality, my twin shut the door completely (Yes, I could stalk him and make him change all his contact info- but this is already far enough for me!). The point is that although twin flames are destined to be together most of the time, depending on what they agreed on before incarnation, the purpose of the relationship is not romance. The purpose is deep healing and immense spiritual growth, the birthing of love like I said before…. a love baby, to get you vibrating at the energetic frequency of unconditional love. To serve the world.

If you can see your twin flame bond as a blessing instead of a curse – it will drag you through all the sludge and gunk that is blocking your internal and eternal bliss and let you shine bright as the diamond you were born to be.

In the end you might end up together with your twin and have romance too, but that is the cherry on top…

For more Twin Soul insights and to follow my personal Twin Flame adventure – Check out My Indian Love Story, a modern day Twin Flame adventure.

Want to connect to other Twin Flames? Join our Gangsta Goddesses Twin Flame Community, for support on your journey of healing and personal growth.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie





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  • Nidhi Mehra

    i was totally unaware about the concept of twin flame.. Until recently I met this guy….Both of us were totally confused about this dopamine… Raiser ..roller coaster ride of ours…. i start searching Google about all the things I was facing…. Strange pull in such a short time and amazing telepathic connection…. I got better.. Felt beautiful…. And moreover started changing and felt Wat real love is which only a person on twin flame journey could understand most unconditional… Pure and giving… From and Google I got to know about the name of our relationship.. This is it Twin flame relation it’s superb amazing seems never ending.. Everytime it seems to fall apart.. Universe brings us together somehow amazingly…. I am super happy… Baby like purity coming..and I want to thanks universe to bless me with my Twin ..flame

  • craig

    Hi everyone!!!

    Here is my story.
    I was 15 when I ran into my twin flame, we connected at first sight of each other, I couldn’t stop looking at her and she was the same.
    I met her at a friend’s house, she was going out with his brother, I was only there for about 20 minutes and I had to leave because I was at the point of approaching her and didn’t want to disrespect my friends brother..
    So I left.
    Well, when I got home, I called my other friend who was over there as well and semi knew her because he hung out at the house way more then me, and I asked him who she was and if he would help me get her number…
    He told me she had asked about me and wanted to know if she could have my number..
    So, I got her number, and called her.
    I was beyond scared, like my while body was one big earthquake shaking inside, but I called her and when she answered, it was instant click, it was a Friday, and we talked on the phone literally for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until we had to go to sleep for school and still snuck on it after everyone went to bed and actually fell asleep talking to each other, and work up with a hello on the other line.
    It was like I met my other half.
    We were inseparable.
    She opened my mind, heart and soul, and made me feel like a romantic poet.
    I wrote her poems, love later, and more poems, read her poems, my brains was in a major overload of words.
    This can be a very long story but I’ll cut it quick.
    My family and I moved to California which cause us to not see each other anymore.
    Still we talked daily, and all day during the summers.
    But eventually we slowly stopped talking to each other, and eventually all together.
    There never went a day, I didn’t think about her and dream about her, I just wanted to hold her, walk and talk and just live with her, but we knew we couldn’t.
    Well, a few years later my mom and dad split and my mom, sis and I moved back home to Louisiana, and I was beyond nervous and just so ready to knock on her door and surprise her..
    Now at this time, I am turning 18, and so was she.
    So, here I am walking up to her house, knocking on the door, and one of her brothers answers, I was greeted with lots of love and welcomes, went inside sat on the couch, talked for a few minutes and then asked for her, he tells me, she was at the hospital with there parents and her boyfriend having a baby..
    Ok, so I was shocked, very shocked, cause we made a promise, I kept my end and she didn’t, but I was ok with that because all I could think about was her, now here I am sitting on her couch thinking,, ok shit I’ll take care her and her kid.. Like this was running through my head, so I asked him what hospital, he told me, but asked me not go, because he knew me to well.
    So I didn’t, out of respect for her and only her because, hey she is now a mom, has a boyfriend and now probably going to get married, and deserves to have her family as a whole..
    I respected that, and understood the importance of family.
    So I walked away, with my head low and spirit crushed, but my hopes were always high.
    So I went into my head and created my own life with her, nothing stupid, I kept writing poems, I kept writing love letters, and I talked to her every day in my head.
    Honestly, it was my home, then and still my home now.
    Every girl, woman I was in a relationship after her, I found I couldn’t give the love I had for her to anyone else, and believe you me, I have tried, and I fight it daily now.
    I kept tabs on her, made sure she was always ok through mutual friends.
    Every once in a blue moon we would bump into each other while out with other friends, it always ended as one of us leaving for some weird reason.
    Eventually I become a father, my sons mother and I didn’t work out, I stayed single for a few years and eventually got married to the most amazing women I’ve ever met In the world, and she took my son right in.
    I got custody of him and she become his mom.
    We work great together, we have been together now for 20 years, and I love her.
    We— she, I give it all to her because he is a momma boy still at 23.
    I have just 1 problem, the fire in my heart, my soul, and my mind belongs to the twin flame.
    Now 4 years ago, I bumped into her, and it was just her and me, and it was like we never spent any time apart, we clicked, the fire inside my mind was blazing and she just couldn’t stop talking as well.
    It was amazing, we traded numbers. UGH
    Having that number gave me the most guilt, scared nervous feeling I ever had in my life second to the day I looked into her eyes.
    I memorized that number before I got home and burned it.
    I knew not to call it, or text.
    So about 8 months went by and one night I just couldn’t fight wanting to talk to her, honestly I think I didn’t care at that point because she was all I thought about most of my life, and to have her number was more then I could bare at that moment.
    So I sent her a poem.
    The poem related to why we belonged together.
    I was so nervous, I was sick and couldn’t breath.
    I felt like I cheated on my wife.
    So I hurried up and deleted the text, even though I sent it, I was hoping it didn’t send.
    about 10 minutes later I received a text from her with a response that blew my mind!
    She tells me there hasn’t been a day gone by since the day we met that she hasn’t thought about me, always wanting to call me, talk, express how she feels about me.
    Basically, her story was mine, it was like she was telling me my own feeling and life.
    We talk more then often.
    In the beginning we went deep into feelings, almost to a predictions point and I will tell you, it scared both of us, that we agreed to leave each other alone.
    Now, can I say that has realy happened, no it hasn’t.
    I would say the longest we have went without talking, texting, has been 7 months and she contacted me, I was so fighting it, but not talking to her was like twisting my soul and squeeze the life out of me, and apparently her as well.
    We talked and dreamed about us and agreed we do belong together, and that we can’t go without talking to each other, we undertand each other to a point of knowing how to solve and help each other in real life problems, and even family problems.
    We also understand that we have families, and they come first, and that we will not be the cause of hurting our spouses and families.
    But we also made a verbal soul promise to never stop talking to each other no matter what.
    This is very complicated, I’ve never felt this kind of connection, it’s beyond addicting.
    My idea of a relationship with her is not base on sex, ” we never had sex”, or looks, but this undeniable energy that calls out to her, for her in everything I do, and from what she tells me, it’s the same.
    We have tried to stop talking on several occasions with both of us pushing at it and at the same time both of us failing within day, weeks. so we understand that we just need each other, need to be there for each other, need to comfort, love, talk and share our deepest feelings.
    I love this woman, and I know she loves me.
    We agreed to not say it anymore, but I know how she feels, and that helps the pain of knowing the possibility that this life might not be for us.
    I send her a new poem every morning with a small letter of self encouragement to keep her pushing forward and being strong.

    Well, that is my story..
    life sucks, but I can honestly say I know what real true soul love is and its the most amazing energy you can consume within you heart mind and soul.
    I refuse to give it up.
    Its been 27 years since I first met her and I look forward to meeting her again no matter how mamy life’s it takes.

  • Robin Adams

    Does writing the Universe work?

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Nope, this sounds very normal to me for someone on the Twin Flame journey.

  • Robin Adams

    So, Im not completely insane for the whole universe thoughts and not wishful thinking? Thats my biggest fear

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    I’d go with signs of the Universe, but back then when all this first hit me I was also afraid I was just lost in wishful thinking. Sounds like you guys are on the right track, even when it looks lost in 3D. Have some faith, this is so worth it.

  • Robin Adams

    This is so insane… When me and my TF met, we both said it was like we had been together in past lives or something. He was ending his 12 year relationship with his now ex wife. She walked away from him and their son. We tried so hard to stay together but he said he needed to over his past and ended things. We no longer talk but I get signs ALL of the time not to give up. Hes a fire fighter and a paramedic where we live. We will cross paths all the time but not be in a position where we can talk. Then the song , Listen to your heart, comes on whenever I say thats it, Im moving on. My heart isnt ready. His name will show up on my newsfeed on FB even though hes blocked me, stuff like that.. is that Universe signs or just my wishful thinking???

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    I think this is better answered in a Cut through the crap session, you can find it under the work with me tab.

  • Susan Miller

    My twin flame and I are currently apart. We have been for over four years. But, of course it doesn’t feel like it, b/c I’m always thinking of him. We meant while we were both married. His wife passed. And, now I’m still in a marriage, but not necessarily happy. He is now in a relationship with someone who doesn’t claim to love. I really don’t see any of his relationships lasting long. Although he’s trying to run away from me, from us, he doesn’t seem to be settling with anyone. I just don’t know what to do. I’m so in love with this man. Do you think somehow, someway we be brought back together? I’m so afraid he’ll get married, only to regret is decision in the end:-(

  • Susan Miller

    Sabriye, how long was you and your twin flame apart from each other? And, how long was he dating others before he realized he needed to be with you all along?

  • Tantrika Eva

    I appreciated reading your story. Imagine dealing with this for 28 years!! I met my Twin when I was 14 and he was 17 and we are still working toward reunion (there was a 20 year period when we didn’t speak at all but thought of each other constantly). I’m not sure if meeting so young was a blessing or a curse – it was never possible for me to settle with anyone else because I always knew a deeper possibility.

    Do other Twins find that the most core fear for the feminine is abandonment and for the masculine loss of control / freedom? This seems to be the aspect we mirror most strongly. We’ve recently been back in contact and I’m certain it will happen for us in divine timing ❤️

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    OMG that is so beautiful. I am so happy for you.

  • ??

    Thank YOU for this comment…I just wrote the universe an email asking for signs and guidance, and just as I went to send it an alert popped up for your comment. Which you made at exactly 11:11 AM EST. Wow. Thank you. You might not have know it, but the universe just used you as a vessel. Thank you. You’re right. I still have to do the work.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    So true!

    “Spiritual growth must come before the union, otherwise the union will lack harmony.”

    I see it in people who get into union quickly, you still have to do the work. Thank you for sharing these wise words. <3

  • ??

    I married my TF three years ago…and no, it’s not about happy endings. Even when you think you’ve figured everything out, more trauma and uglyness will come back up to be purged. She’s also in the military, so she’s spent the last two years mostly away. Recently she said she wants to separate when she comes back. That she just needs to be alone. I’m in so much pain, but I know this separation is happening for a reason. I need to heal myself, my trauma, and learn self love. Since our quasi-separation in July, I’ve already done a lot of healing but I still have a long way to go. She actually appeared just yesterday to tell me that. To say, “I still don’t want to be with you. I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” I realized that this was her coming back for a moment, to warn me that I still have more work to do. I’d been focusing too much on our reunion and not enough on myself. But no more. Spiritual growth must come before the union, otherwise the union will lack harmony.

  • Dr Great

    Do you want a love spell for your marriage, relationship e.t.c contact me now via email

  • AC

    So what should one do if the TF is married? Be friends?

  • Adrian Ellis

    Hella journey you’ve been on. For you, how didn’t it feel being the chaser?, . And what did you think went through your guy, the runners head during all this

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Yes definitely codependency is one of the wounds we heal on this journey. Couldn’t agree with you more also on becoming whole. This whole encounter has led me to making a quantum leap in consciousness. ❤

  • Sabriyé Dubrie

    Yes definitely codependency is one of the wounds we heal on this journey. Couldn’t agree with you more also on becoming whole. This whole encounter has led me to making a quantum leap in consciousness. ❤

  • Kirstin Santiago

    I enjoyed reading your story. It was a real eye opener for me. I am very grateful to come across this page.

    I honestly believe that the chaser/runner dynamic happens to teach us to let go of attachments. Often we can find ourselves co-dependent in twin flames/soul partner relationships. If the presence of our twin flame effects our mood; for example receiving a call/text makes us happy but not hearing from them makes us feel down, then we have not learned to love ourselves entirely. We are still giving another person power over our emotions. Until we can be at peace within ourselves regardless of who chooses to love us or not, then we will keep experiencing such heartbreaks. A twin flame relationship teaches us to become whole within ourselves and in doing so we become one with whoever​ we love.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Oh yes, I have had that feeling all along. Even when I was in airport in India, leaving I knew 100% for sure that I was going to see him again in this life. “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

  • Adrian Ellis

    Before he came back, did you ever have that “This story doesn’t feel completely over” feeling inside?

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Hey Adrian, he came back end of April this year taking back everything he said. He still feels the same way about me and a future together as he did when we were together in India, except now he is certain of his feelings for me that they won’t go away. So let’s see how things go, I for one am grateful for all our separation has brought me and that union didn’t come when I thought it should have… so yes every outcome with your twin is a blessing because the encounter transforms your life.

  • Man

    This is my twin flame story, I hope you can take a few moments out to read it. Thank you.

  • This article really touched me this is why I am writing this.

    I saw her for the first time by total accident on Facebook in the comments section. We have commented on the same video and even though I would not really ever look at people posting her comment was right above mine. I hovered over her and went to her profile. When I saw her, my soul ignited. I can’t find other words to explain it. I fell in love with her, no, I actually knew there was something about her that i have never experienced before. As if I could see her soul. She was half the world apart, and all I could think of is flying to her city and asking her out because I knew the second I saw her there was something in my soul that was screaming. She was not having pictures in sexy outfits, she was just normal woman with every day pictures, selfies, her kids etc. She was married for 13 years and going through divorce, I was in a terrible situation myself, existential crisis, my parents passing away and me being completely alone in the this world. Yet when I saw her, every part of me felt an immense pull towards her.

    I talked to her, texted, and she was telling me about her situation, I was flying back from Europe and all I could think about was her. She felt as if we were completely the same, an incredible sense of familiarity and love I had for her. Without even knowing her. I couldn’t stop looking at her photos and not in some weird horny way, but all I could see was her eyes and face, her smile as if I was meant to wake up next to her every day.

    When I got back to the States we started chatting more and more, there was some connection going on, we got sexual, very passionate, talking on camera all day, due to time difference we would talk to each other while the other one was waking up or going to bed. We were planning our union, to see each other, make love over and over again, she booked the ticket for me, we were even talking about our kids and her father and sister have the same name as my mother and I forgot to mention that we have started communicating on 11/11/2015 and became really romantic and involved on 11/22 as we have shared some stories and astrological similarities we’ve been told earlier in life that we would find someone just like the other.

    Having her in my life lit me up. It brought meaning to my life, I have realized that I have loved her before I even saw her and there she was.

    But then about 3 and a half months in, she started to drift away, I felt that something changed in her, I was getting sad and insecure, as anyone spirtual would say, and I believe that’s what happened, she found someone else.

    During this time, she was getting upset at me, telling me that she doesn’t like something about me, and it was finally over. She just stopped talking to me, I told her some “hurtful” things about how she could lead me on, that she never cared about me, that she was with me because i thought and told her that she was beautiful and she got upset and blocked me everywhere. 2 weeks prior to us meeting. She cut all contact with me.

    I have never felt such loss in my life. It is like i have lost the other half of my soul. I kept pushing, sending emails as it was the only means of communication, and she was silent. Never responding, she just abandoned me. Until one last email I sent, she responded with so much anger, she told me that she has someone else, told me such hurtful things, that it nearly destroyed me.

    On the other hand, it has also affected me, it made look at my life, my shortcomings, my pain and things I have never faced before but I knew they were there. Every hurtful thing she says was the truth. She knew so much about me at this point that she completely dismantled me.

    I kept stalking, looking with fake accounts, not out of some jelaousy, it was that I missed her so much and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just move on. It was after all just 3 and a half months. Why did I fall in love with someone so deeply without even knowing them in person. Why did my soul ache, why do I go to bed and wake up every day thinking about her.

    It has been a year and a half now and I still do. Think about her, go to bed and wake up with her on my mind. I am so deeply hurt and missing her that I can’t put it in the words. I’ve seen therapist, I’ve read everything about narcissism, all kinds of different situations and even after everything, where reason knows a lot and can draw logical conclusions, I still deeply in my soul feel she is the one. She is now dating, sleeping with other men (I’m pretty sure), she is living her life and I can’t forget her and move on.

    I see 1111s and 3333s and 4444s all the time. Even 222s. Constantly. I keep stumbling upon things everywhere I look about her city and country she lives in. I mean strangest things happen.

    I still feel we are connected despite of it all, and yet she doesn’t want me, she hates me, she doesn’t speak to me. I have tried everything, working out, getting in shape, but I can’t look at another woman, I don’t want another woman. It is unbelievable how much I miss her.

    I know I have to let go, but if this twin flame stuff is real or soulmates or whatever, which I never really believed in, what has happened to me is something I can’t explain. Yet, she hurts me, I don’t exist for her.

    I don’t know what to do. Anyone with some insight? Will this pain of her being go ever go away? I’ve never felt so lost and not in career or what I do, but just that she is gone. I have been in romantic relationships for years, and I never felt this. And I never got a chance to see her. She ran before I had a chance.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Hey Beatrice, I understand how hard this must be for you but I think coming from the same religious background, you can also understand why your twin is having such difficulty with the connection because she has been taught that homosexuality is ungodly.

    This is what twins often choose these strong religious, cultural or even ancestral beliefs in order to break through them once and for all. I would suggest you pray for her, that she will be able to see the truth of your connection and to see the truth about same sex couples. I love Sonja Evans audio activations and one that I work with myself is This will help you both liberate trapped truth, because the work you do works through to your twin through your connection. Good luck!

  • Beatrice McGahee

    I have a twinflame soulmate she and are same sex we are both born again Christians. I met her it was a fluke however I knew the moment she stepped into the room she was something special kinda like a gift from God. I never could explain my feelings to her not exactly anyhow and she is married with older children and her husband is abusive. from the beginning we just feel into a friendship and we both enjoyed the way being together felt. two days couldn’t go by before we needed to see each other. we talked on the 0hone everyday sometimes for hours. we didn’t have any sexual urges or anything like that but I felt like I had been made love to in every way after we departed from each other. it was ultimate purification and healing I experienced while in her presence. I loved how she would glow after being with me her eyes even turned this weird color. I just loved her pure love unconditionally. 3 and half years ago she started to become more and more scarce and distant and at the same time I became in a state of being lost and empty on the inside. I felt my world was crashing to the ground and I cried and I could not pinpoint why I was emotionally bouncing around in my heart. after about 3 months she called me finally I told her I didn’t feel good my soul was sick and I wasn’t sure what exactly this was I was expierencing. I told her I was moving to phoenix. I felt like I was mourning for a lost loved one best way to put it. we didn’t talk again for many months. after 6 months I took off and moved 2500 miles away and that’s when it all became clear to me she wanted nothing to do with me she had shut me out of her world and locked the door. its 3 years later since I moved and in those three years my life my soul has done nothing but long to get back to her find my way back and she has fought me screaming and kicking the whole time. she doesnt respond to calls text emails nothing and by chance she does she is angry cold and desensitized. I have been in this new city and I have not associated with anyone I don’t want anyone but her. the more I try to reach out to her the more angry and hostile she has become. I have locked myself in my apartment away from the rest of the world. I put myself in a prison I built for myself. I am a mess. I am leaving phoenix in a few days I am actually leaving exactly 3 years to the day I arrived and she still has not changed towards me I’m hoping we can get together but it appears that’s not on any menu at this time. I want her back I want to rekindle the flame between us at the same time I’m not at hopeful she hates me and I don’t know why or what I did to make her change and change suddenly and drastically like she did. since I’ve been away she has started asking me am I a lesbian I told her I had never been with a woman in my life and had never thought about it not until my prison I built for myself but I couldn’t tell her that she is dead set against it she says ungodly. I’m in trouble I’m beginning to think I made a misjudgement call and I’m wrong but for the past 3 and a half years I have had to fight everything in me to not long for her. I have been pleading with God to take this from me but it seems I always come up with her and I want no other to ever touch my soul. I want my baby back.

    if there is anyone out there who can help me I need your help. I’m desperate and I’m afraid I lost a love I have never felt but this one and only time in my life. help me please

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    We have to do the work first 😉 Healing, clearing and growing.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Talking about signs! <3

  • Julie

    He just called at 11:11 and immediately my heart skipped a beat, and felt light, happy and love. Why does one little call make it all better

  • Julie

    The signs. I see signs all the time. I asked for a specific sign, not knowing what exactly I was looking for and it was sent to me: Waiting, Trusting, Hoping. Yet, I can’t bring myself to rest easy. What you said about the signs but you couldn’t allow yourself to believe in them because if you did and you were wrong, the pain would be unbearable; that resonated so deep for me. He loves and cares about me but doesn’t want commitment. I’m too emotional. Yet, he gave his heart to another who abused it in so many ways. I don’t understand how he could love her and be with her but not me. And it replays over and over. If I didn’t have to see him because of our son, it would help. Even when I try to break the connection, I see his name, hear songs ect. Maybe our timing is off. I’ve known him for 20+years. We were always just friends. And now, I don’t know how to just be his friend. Maybe I’m just crazy, reaching for something not meant for me. I am so lost and confused. We’ve been doing this dance since 9/2012. In my heart I know we’re meant to be but it looks like total chaos right now. I wish I could find someone else. Like you, casual sex just doesn’t appeal to me. But, Maybe then I could get over him. Although I doubt I’ll love another the way I love him.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Hi Parker, I know what you mean, The pull is less felt at some parts of the journey. Still it sounds like you did everything with the expectation of a romantic relationship with your twin. Yet, if you really did all the work it means that you are in a fantastic place in your life right now, where you are fully aligned. You are living your mission, and all major areas in your life have fallen into place. If that is not the case, then there is still work left to do. Because that is where this journey leads you.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    No, he didn’t really. He still feels the same way about me. In fact the separation only made the love deeper between us. You don’t avoid the pain by running, you only try to avoid the pain. Instead it’s better to just face the pain, that is the purpose of this all anyway to release everything that is keeping you stuck in 3D.

  • sabriye

    No, he didn’t really. He still feels the same way about me. In fact the separation only made the love deeper between us. You don’t avoid the pain by running, you only try to avoid the pain. Instead it’s better to just face the pain, that is the purpose of this all anyway to release everything that is keeping you stuck in 3D.

  • sabriye

    Hi Parker, I know what you mean, The pull is less felt at some parts of the journey. Still it sounds like you did everything with the expectation of a romantic relationship with your twin. Yet, if you really did all the work it means that you are in a fantastic place in your life right now, where you are fully aligned. You are living your mission, and all major areas in your life have fallen into place. If that is not the case, then there is still work left to do. Because that is where this journey leads you.

  • Melissa Haile

    Floored by this article….Wow oh wow did your story not speak directly to me and almost sound identical to mine…. What if you and your twin have a baby together? He is running right now but will he always be able to run if we have this connection (baby) between the two of us? Mine said the exact same thing I don’t love you ect ect…. Yet had no def explination as to why he couldn’t pin point it. I just recently said I am done and have considered running myself to avoid the pain. You said in this article you can never get away from that person but didn’t your twin do exactly that?

  • Parker Stafford

    I have been through this. At first I bought the twin idea…what else could it be? But as my awakening gathered force and the walls came down, I found that deeper down something did not sit right. So much is said based on observation, but this observation is based on what seems right standing hip-deep in its waters. I went deeper and found that it looks one way in the shallow end but very different deeper down. Hint; few ever do enough work to peel away the layers to reveal the inner most workings of the draw that is so powerful that we all say it’s impossible to be released from. But this is not so. Again, that is the view from the shallow end of the experience.Who wants to up-end such a lovely but horrifying thing? So we go with what sounds good.

    I can say that as you get serious about clearing blocks and undoing negative karma, the connection goes “poof” and what seemed like complete inescapable gravity of the other turns on a dime and is as if it never happened….the push-pull, the reading of minds from thousands of miles away…reams and reams of high strangeness…gone. Having done this work, I can say that it’s karma that forges the bond. It’s unfinished business and the soul opens and here comes perfect-feeling love that’s boundless. The karma and soul are now side by side, a crazy combo if there ever was one….running is not wanting to face the ghost of the past pain, now no longer recalled but felt like this hard knot…right along with ecstatic live beyond anything you have known. Trouble is, this cosmic mashup makes no logical sense so? We make stories to explain it.

    I still feel love for this “twin” but I am not obsessed. I know now from my own work that the bond was forged simply because I was at the crossroads of karma (unfinished business) and awakening. It’s trouble mixed with rocket fuel. To do the work has required years, I mean YEARS, of relentless clearing within.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    It works like that on the Twin Flame journey, everything you need information, situations and people are brought to you at the exact right time. <3

  • thewendybird

    This is so uncanny. Yesterday morning..the morning of Jan 4, 2017 I had a dream I was giving birth to a baby…and that if it was a boy i would name it after my twin who is passed on. I had a relatively easy labour and I can’t remember if it was a boy or girl in the end I don’t remember enough detail but…here I decide to look up twin flame stuff tonight at random and came across your article and you use the baby metaphor. When my twin was alive i was (and still am) married but my marriage is pretty much falling apart. It’s toxic but not in a twin flame way…i have found communication and my twin always being around has made me better and stronger…where as my husband never learns his toxic behaviour and hurts me and i don’t feel like a better person. I have been considering leaving my husband and returning home to re-start my life and really learn to be ME ..heal ME….and learn to do things for myself i have not done before. My twin has inspired me in many ways to do this. I have been getting signs all over I should be doing this but am scared and have separation anxiety about leaving my husband. I have been trying to figure out what was up with my giving birth dream all day and tonight i happen upon your article and i’m left wondering now if it’s a sign from the universe that I’m on the right track. Very interesting timing about the baby metaphor. Very interesting. Great article.