I’m extremely impressed by the results of our session. Having tried soooo many things in the past, including conventional therapy of all kinds (since I´m a psychologist imagine… we try everything!) energy work, healers, reiki, twinflame healers, and WHAT NOT!

And then I found you!!!! in short, blocks are being removed, I feel like I´m another person, I don´t know how to put it in words but you know what I mean, this is amazing. ❤

Ana, Spain

In my second session with Sabriyé I saw how the low self worth I have carried through many lifetimes has led to energetically coddling my twin, resonating with his pain and making excuses for his inconsiderate behavior, which stems from his own low self worth. I was reinforcing that. I understand why he ran from that energy.

After re-experiencing this pain at its source, I’ve let it go and shifted into expecting better for myself and from him. For me, two sessions with Sabriyé were more effective than months of conventional therapy. This shift doesn’t easily happen through logic and intellectual processing. It happens through energy and emotional experience, and it can happen quickly. I’m so grateful.

Anna, United States

Sabriyé caries a lot of (twinflame related) wisdom in her being. I stepped in the program half a year ago and it contains without a doubt the best knowledge that I can find on the subject. And I sure did my research, for years I explored info about twinflames. Sabriyé just nails it every time. Every article, every lesson. Every answer. Yes: this lady rocks!

And no, I don’t just agree on everything being true for me because it makes sense while reading. I wish it worked like that. I’m a type of person that needs to experience why something is or isn’t working for me. So I take action, I try, I fail, breakdown, breakthrough and rise a lot before I learn. When I learned a lesson: I look it up in the program again and guess what: she is always right! Oh my god, Sabriyé is just like my mum! 😻

It’s not a sweet, easy and romantic program. For me it has been a bumpy road, a messy painful ride, in which you are redirected to keep your focus on yourself. So you can grow into alignment with yourself. I find it incredibly difficult since I tend to project my inner mess on my twin. (We had a recent get-together and then separation followed). And I am still full of 3d behavior, just waking up to the incredible depth of the connection. To what it really is!!! I’m more dedicated to this journey now than I was before. I tried to escape, disconnect. But the universe is redirecting me over and over again.

For me the program is like a benchmark. A rock in my ocean where I can find shelter, shared experiences, a community (since it is so difficult to explain to my environment what is going on). I don’t write a lot about my own journey, just yet, but love to read the experiences of others in the group and react to them

Definitely worth your money, your time, your energy! Just don’t expect a easy solution and quick reunion. Expect a deep journey into yourself. And that is exactly where you will meet your twin. Inside you.

Hanneke, The Netherlands

So much of this program resonated in a profound way with me. As I worked through the modules I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend who really understood what I have been going through. I have been on this journey for several years, and I do wish I had found this earlier (although I do trust that things come to us in the right time)! I had already been doing many of the things suggested – but I am grateful for some of the extra insight that Sabriyé has provided. Plus, I can now recognize some of the areas that I am not perhaps as strong in as I need to be.

All I can really say is – if you are here, reading this, there is a reason. Trust your instincts.

Myrna, United Kingdom

My Twin Flame Reunion Journey with Sabriye was truly beautiful. I was able to feel for myself past lives with me and my twin and release energetic blocks that were major hindrances to my Union unbeknownst to me. After the session I had the most magnificent sign shown to me of two actual flames in the sky as I was driving home from an event, not long after our session. It was amazing and I know it was all thanks to the work that I did with Sabriye – really getting to the heart of the matter and clearing what no longer served me to keep a positive outlook on this journey.


Had to drop you a line and just say “F***ing Hell” sorry about the language but its like the flood gates have been open since our session so much has come up these last few days, stuff I had no idea was buried deep and causing so much confusion, but it feels now so natural to visit the deep stuff and let it gradually release and with each release I feel happier, initial pain but then its gone as quick as it appears .

I was guided to you and followed my feelings and you have helped so very much in such a short space of time, I had no expectations just went with the feelings.

Simply Thank You.

My love and deepest regards.


This journey work is amazing and has helped me clear so many things from past lives which are relevant now not only to with my twin but my soul mission. I was able to really see issues such as betrayal and hurt that lay between my Twin and I which were able to be resolved. I remembered a lot and also felt and healed energies within me that were deeply entrenched in me. In one past life I was the mistress of my twin and had lots of jealousy and envy which I feel like was able to be cleared. In that life also he murdered me after I shape shifted into his wife’s body to sleep with him and I left the body before I could die but my spirit was trapped. I was told that when my twin and I were sexual with one another, that I would be able to retrieve my past life gifts and that part of my spirit would be returned through the act of sex and it was! I am a psychic healer and can now move in and out of my body at will. (out of body experience) I had other experiences and saw other lives which helped me heal blocks within me. Highly recommend this work.


Sabriyé came like an Angel in my life during my twinflame journey when I was completely confused about what was actual happening with me, as the feeling I was going through was something no one around me understood… She has been a great guide and friend whom Universe had sent to help and support me … I loved the Twin Flame Mastery Program which consists of 14 Modules and these are so wonderfully put together. They help a person to have a better understanding of oneself and even how the Universe works … To be very honest one should at least work through every module twice and absorb the things mentioned herein to lead a better life … These not only gives us a deep insight about how the twinflame journey works and helps us to heal ourselves but it’s something which one must do for ones own development as a person … Doing the modules was a completely eye-opening experience! I really loved how through honest examples Sabriyé was able to validate so many aspects of the twinflame life, while lending sound advice as to how to deal with the troubles one faces on this journey. I really enjoyed working through the modules and I feel like I know myself even better. I highly recommend buying the Twin Flame Mastery Program ! It’s So special… and trust me no matter what happens in the twinflame journey you will always be grateful for having done this program as it’s Just Amazing!!!

Aayushi, India

I cannot recommend the program enough. I never looked at the modules as a ‘course’… I found I was living each of the modules and when something came up in my life with my twin I could go back to a module and get exactly the insight that I needed. This is the beauty of the program. You can go back and see and read things differently.
Highly highly recommended for anyone on this journey.

Monisha, Canada

Dear Sabriyé, The way you came on my path (through Marieke) feels like it was meant to be. I was completely confused after having met my twin (re-met actually after 43 years, for we were friends in our youth but living in different countries with a seain between) and through you and your website I learned a lot about what it means to be on the twin flame journey. In a healing session with you I saw some of the past lives he and I had together and I was able to heal the pain that was caused in those lives in that session. It meant a lot to me to feel the tender love there was between the two of us in one of those lives, from which I also learned that this love wil always be!

I had some very hard months in that phase, going through a lot that I didn’t understand. But by reading your program and the things that were shared in this group I found my own inner strength in this situation and now understand more what it is all about and why it is the way it is. My life is all about inner growth and being a lightworker and so is my twin’s. The twin flame journey kind of forced me into accelerated growth, which I know I’ve asked for before I was born. This FB group feels safe and supporting. You always react to things people post, always very supportive and warm, and clearing things up if necessary.

So thanks for creating this welcome and safe environment for us who are – like you – on this weird, roller coaster-like amazing journey! ❤️❤️☺️☺️

Willy,The Netherlands

Hi Sabriye,

On my journey I thought I was alone in this complex situation, all signs, senses I did not understand, I was told about TF connections and that I was in one, the energy was just incredible, so I researched this further and discovered my connection ticked every sign in the book. I am intuitive so feeling his energy constantly like most of us do, to the point where sometimes I thought I might be going crazy, push, pull, he’s here then he’s gone.

Then I found you, an angel who has helped me understand this whole process, a sense of belonging to others, a community of twins who are going through the same but at different stages, it’s intense, it’s soul wrenching, it takes out every other old outdated relationship, it’s not for the fainthearted, no way. To say, you have been there for me when I needed an answer or guidance and I truly appreciate that.

I have recently started listening to the co-dependency meditation, it’s amazing because so much in me has been triggered and I’m facing all that now, yes it’s painful yet somehow beautiful. I know I’m only half way through this whole process, right now but I trust the universe implicitly because everything of the old way has gone. So you are amazing and I thank the universe for truly blessing me on this path bringing a soul such as you and the friends I have made here my way. xx

Jacqueline, United Kingdom

The twin flame awakening is a shock. You discover it one day and literally your life change from that moment on and never become the same. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people that can help you making your adepts in the new spectrum of life. I’m a member of the tribe on-line and also consulted Sabriye and every time her perspective and advice were spot on. So if you’re here you are at the right place. ❤️Buckle in and enjoy the ride.😉

Moran, The Netherlands

Sabriyé’s group has helped me when I’ve been so lost… it’s nothing short of magic.
I’d waited for 2 years for my twin, equally sure that he was coming back around, and anxious that he wouldn’t.

The day after I signed up and the manifesto moved me to tears, I ran into him for the first in all that time, and I credit the course for that. Since then I have been delivered so much critical content to help me frame things as I need to in my mind to optimise the chances of a positive encounter.

I don’t often sign up to these things, but I am so grateful that I found Gangsta Goddesses.

Alix, Australia

After I did a Twin Flame Reunion Journey with Sabriyé, I also decided to buy her online program for Gangsta Goddesses Tribe members. It has shown me the steps that I need to take to come back into my own power, the program is very valuable just like the sessions with Sabriyé! Go for it !!!! Thank you for all the insights❤

Inneke, The Netherlands

I love this group led by Sabriye. In just 2 months I have grown so much and made good friends. I don’t feel like I am being sold services constantly like some other sites. Sabriye’s journey is inspiring and resonating at times. I also feel comfortable to share my experiences and love hearing about others. I have learnt loads.❤️❤️❤️

Joanna, United Kingdom

When I first experienced twin flame telepathy I thought I was losing it, that it couldn’t possibly be true. I couldn’t understand the feelings , the amount of connection as if we had known reach other for lifetimes, and the depth of despair when my twin moved on. I had loved before but never at this level. It is quite difficult to relate how extremely accurate the direction I received was from this group, it was like a rudder was added to a ship on the ocean. I could understand why certain things happened, and this group helped me to understand how letting go actually cleared the path for at least friendship with my twin. I have hope now, even though in a holding pattern of friendship … I now understand that we have a reason why we feel what we do. He actually admitted he loves me and I him, and we say it freely. Our relationship won’t ever go away, we both understand that, even though he doesn’t know he is my twin! All of these things were possible through this group, and understanding how to react. I am very grateful.

Pamela, United States

Sabriyé used a very powerful energy in the beginning of the session to allow me to access my akashic records. Then on, my past lives revealed the core wound me and my twin have and an occurring issue that was present in all past lives I saw (which was fear of loss). I immediately started healing that wound and only two days later my twin who hasn’t contacted me in six months messaged me wanting to mend things! I am more than pleased with this session as the results are invaluable.

Ashley, United States

Through the Twin Flame Reunion Journey I was able to heal blocks from my past lives. Before I was very afraid to speak in public, this was being caused by one of my past lives and came in very unhandy because I am a successful author. After the session I had no problems giving interviews and giving lectures. Thank you for this great result.

Because of Sabriyé’s own story I was inspired to fly to India to meet my own Twin Flame in real life for the very first time. I was married at the time and full of doubts about my feelings, but after my trip everything was clear, I had found the love of my life. My Twin Flame felt the same way and knew for sure he had found his wife, which he told his family. This caused a lot of turbulence in his family, especially his mother was very concerned how society would react to this marriage. This was one of the themes we cleared in the Twin Flame Reunion journey, as this was directly linked to one of my past lives with my twin. A week later my twin’s father let me know, that I had been accepted as their future daughter in law and that we have permission to marry. A real Twin Flame wedding, partially inspired by Sabriyé sharing her beautiful story about her own Twin Flame journey.

Elisa, The Netherlands

I found true love…

Last summer I did a Soul Journey with Sabriyé, which changed a lot in my life. I was supposed to have a check-in call after three weeks, which I didn’t because life got in the way. Then I just read her article about Twin Flames on Facebook. I had hoped with the Soul Journey to solve my unhappy feelings I was experiencing in my relationship, even when I myself didn’t understand why I felt this way.

In our session together it turned out that I had difficulty receiving love. After the session things did go better, but this feeling that something wasn’t right remained. Now I understand why. End of Augustus I bumped into someone at the yearly Fair. I had seen him before, but I didn’t know him personally. We kept in contact after that, just chitchat about when he would have a new gig and stuff.

But after two weeks I got this weird feeling, like I could actually feel him through his messages and music. He felt the same. It was bizar, so many coincidences and commonalities. After two weeks we just knew we belonged together. It turns out he had already really liked me 10 years ago, but never saw the chance to get to know me better. I had never noticed this.

I broke up with my current boyfriend, which brought on a lot of criticism from others around me, but I had no choice. I had no idea that something like this existed, before I never believed it possible. Apparently since I am able to receive love, he was able to come into my life. I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you so much Sabriyé.

Nicole, The Netherlands

I was at a stage in my twin flame journey where I was so confused ….and unsure and depressed with everything that was happening between me and my twin flame. That’s when I came across Sabriyé and had a short chat with her on skype… It was as if she was a God sent angel. She gave me a new perspective and mellowed down all the harsh emotional turmoil that I was going through. She taught me the art of surrender and was a source of strength. I went through the 2 hour past life regression with her too and right after that ….there was this miraculous peace that settled in …there was a flow of communication and alignment between me and my twin and things started ….easing off …I give a lot of credit for this to Sabriye who is compassionate, has good understanding of the twin flame chemistry and is clear in her approach. She’s also got this warm aura and an affirming positivity that goes a long way in helping one out. I would strongly recommend anyone who’s struggling with the twin flame push and pull to seek her help and guidance.

Love …

Mala, Dubai

I must tell you that I really benefitted from our energy clearing session a few days ago. I am feeling empowered and I am finally dealing with issues I needed to resolve in my own life, such as my financial health and work issues that I have been avoiding. I feel this lightness in my heart after uncovering the past lives and inner child healing we did. It gave me a renewed hope that I am not crazy and something special has really happened to me and my twin. We are actually in this together. The fact that we knew each other before helped me to understand why I felt so strongly when I lost close people to death in my life. It possibly reactivated my grief that I had in my past life. When I lost my husband I really couldn’t handle the world. I was completely lost though I took care of my kids and went through the motions. I asked myself, did I really love him that much? Perhaps it triggered this deep loss that I didn’t know I had. The loss of losing someone I loved so much so suddenly. I also knew a few years after my husband died that he opened the door for me so that I can finally live my life. I feel like I am in the right place now and you helped me to view my life from a different perspective, a more empowering, truthful, authentic perspective.

The energy clearing took me to places I didn’t know existed deep in my subconscious mind. I found that I really did know my twin in another life and my feelings were validated. Sabriye was so gentle and soothing. She gently encouraged me to look deeper and find the answers we were looking for. I am so happy that I did the work with her. I feel this renewed sense of purpose and now I am clear on how I need to proceed.

Thanks again for all your insight and support. I will not forget this session, for many things came up that I am still processing and contemplating.

All my love and light for your journey!

Eve, Israel

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