Recommended healers

I will be phasing out my one on one sessions over the coming year, which means I only have limited spots for individual sessions.

Instead I offer group coaching in the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe, through my online program, The Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program.

If you need the support of a healer in a one on one session, I have compiled a list of online and local healers for you to work with, to support you on your journey. All the healers I recommend, I have worked with personally on my own Twin Flame journey.

You can also work with many of these healers and myself in person on our India Goddess Revival Retreats in January & February 2019.

All the listed healers speak English.

United Kingdom


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supplying you’re recommended healers.
I have been working lately with Alexandra and Alisha and would recommend them to all of your clients.

But most of all I would like to thank you for all you are doing for the world of connections. It’s very refreshing to have a open and honest approach with none of the BS you get with many teachers.

It’s almost a year since I first spoke with you and I have followed you avidly since that time.
The level of info is staggering and has helped me finally to get a grip on this fantastic journey.

All you’re articles resonate with me at a very deep level and since our session I have moved forward very quickly. Instead of feeling lost and confused I am focused and determined to remove all the layers.

Working with your alignment plan has been a godsend.
Each section has valuable info and helps move you forward, step by step.

You are a pure angel.

Online healers

Alexandra Dobigies – Energy clearing & SRT

Alexandra Dobigies, was born to be a healer. Her purpose on Earth, and in this world, is to serve people. She will help you find the most powerful you! She has equipped herself with the knowledge, experience and natural healing abilities to help you experience an uplifting improvement in both your life and outlook, so that you feel more vibrant, joyful and hopeful.

Essentially, she helps you uncover and remove deep-seated beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life and are unconsciously creating problems. Once the core beliefs, which supports an issue or illness, is identified only then can the healing take place and can you move forward in life at a faster pace.

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Alex is my go-to girl for weekly clearings. She energetically clears all my trips, business events, airplanes, Gangsta Goddesses retreats, and so on – making sure that everything runs smoothly. She has also recently designed Twin Flame charts that she works with in her sessions. I have personally worked with her on the inner union part of my journey and she has been my ‘partner in crime’ in helping me align to doubling my revenue within only a matter of months. Working with Alex is super fun and gives a massive return on investment.

Alisha Braché – Energy healing & chakra clearing

Alisha Braché specialises in Energy work to assist people on their own Spiritual Awakening process and Divine Partnership journey. Through her own experience she has the capacity to support those going through the various stages of awakening to help empower their own individual journeys.

She is specialised in Twin Soul connections and the children which can come through this Union – Divine Birth as known through out history, what I call the ‘ancient way’ returning in various different ways.

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I love working with Alisha, she is a fountain of ancient knowledge and a very clear channel for important information to come through. The work I have done with her has been more geared towards stepping into my mission bigger, which I am still full on in the process of doing. I love that Alisha has a audio meditation for everything, which is part of your homework when you coach with her.

Marlies Kropholler – Homeopathy

You might wonder what homeopathy can do for you on the Twin Flame journey, but as we know a lot of the stuff we deal with on this journey comes from our ancestry. Homeopathy and especially the potencies Marlies works with can help you release deep seated ancestral patterning in a gentle way.

During an initial consult Marlies will ask you many questions to base her diagnosis on and will send the selected homeopathic remedies to you Worldwide. Marlies works internationally and has clients all over the world. To book a session with her, use the contact details on her website.

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I started working with Marlies because I told a friend I was constantly getting into shitty situations with my bookkeepers. Nothing terrible, but just stupid mistakes they made that cost me money and it was a repeating pattern. My friend suggested that I talk to Marlies because, basically this was self-sabotage showing up in the mirror of my business finances and this could be treated with homeopathy! The subconscious self-sabotage of course hahaha.

When I had my teenage inner child trauma triggered on a business trip to New York, it was Marlies who quickly realized what was going on and helped me through it, so that I was back in balance once the business event I had come for started.

Joseph Scorselo – Hypnotherapy & personal empowerment

Works online, in Amsterdam and on location at the Gangsta Goddesses retreats

Joseph is a psychologist and hypnotherapist who has worked with thousands of clients both in Europe and the United States. He is internationally recognized as a coach and educator. Who has worked with executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals and is a specialist in Leadership Training and team and staff assessments in Startups.

Joseph has created his own method to help his clients fully step into their authentic power, this helps them release all the places where they have kept themselves small and limited by their own fears. In his sessions he helps his clients understand what is truly blocking them and how to release these blocks.

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Joseph is unique in what he does, he is the unf*ck yourself man in person. His work is so profound and deep that he is the perfect person to work with on your core wounding. Through hypnosis and conversations he knows exactly how to help you see where you have been giving away your power and how to reclaim it. Working with Joseph is life-changing because it will show you how the only person who has ever been f*cking you, is YOU. Once you truly see this, you can use it to step into the power you hadn’t realized you had all along.

Sandra de Vos – Shamanistic healing

Works online, in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Hawaii and on Gangsta Goddesses Retreat locations

Sandra de Vos loves to bring harmony in what seems to be energetically out of alignment. She invites blockages that keep your life-force from its effortless flow to come out into the open. That what was kept hidden and longs to be released from its imprisonment, to be truly seen for the essence that it carries deep inside.

As a channel Sandra facilitates you with releasing old and stuck energy. During an energetic session she ‘dances’ with your subconsciousness. Through shamanic drumming, sound healing, light languages, metaphors, body movements she reveals the deeply rooted energies that are ready to be released. This helps you to become more grounded, transform obstacles, connect with Source energy and surrender to your inner wisdom.

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I have been working with Sandra for over a year now and find her work very powerful. It has definitely allowed me to make BIG shifts in my life and business, including financially. It was after a session with Sandra that I shifted into the frequency of unlimited abundance and have stayed there ever since. I have had many five figure months before, but it would always fluctuate greatly from month to month. Since that one session my revenue became very consistent, as my ability to stay in the 5D frequency had become consistent. It’s all just a matter of energy!

Local healers

Ellen Nijenhuis – energy healing & past life work

Works in Amsterdam and on Gangsta Goddesses Retreat locations

Ellen Nijenhuis is a powerful energy healer who works with the craniosacral fluid flow in your body to facilitate deep healing from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Ellen has a specialty to channel your own personal healing team and assist in the downloads and upgrades that are being held in escrow for you by your guides and angels.

For our India retreat she will be focusing on ancient Egyptian initiations gone wrong and clearing the related trauma. Many Twin Flames have been initiated in ancient Egypt and are ready to clear the deep rooted soul traumas from those lifetimes.

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I have been working with Ellen since 1998 first to recover from my first divorce, later to work on business success, then she helped me through the death of my youngest daughter which was part of my dark night of the soul experience. When I met my twin, we started working on that and we have ever since. I would say 80% of my healing work has been done with Ellen, she was also the one who guided me through the process of developing my own psychic abilities and healing gifts when I came back from India – especially helping me through my own initial resistance to my new level of woo-woo-ness that I was not yet comfortable with at that time.

Sadhu Valakhilyas Sexual shamanism & dearmoring

Works in Amsterdam, United Kingdom and on Gangsta Goddesses Retreat locations

Dearmoring is an intense healing process that loosens the pain tapes from the past held within the body. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It restores your natural balance and generates transformation on a cellular level. The process utilizes pressure points, strong vibration, breath and the movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to loosen, break up, and remove your body’s armor.

Sadhu as sexual shamanic practitioner facilitates your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and supports you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others.

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Sadhu is truly a joy to work with. The biggest shift I made with him was the realization that I was living life with one foot on the breaks, through a ‘Yes, but…..’ attitude towards life, which is basically towards everything of course. So instead I have learned to say ‘Yes, and…’ and it has changed how I show up in every area of my life. It is hard to put this in words, but a ‘Yes, and…’ attitude is of course pivotal in being able to go with the flow. Because someone who says ‘Yes, but..’ is in fact in resistance.

In order to truly surrender you need to release all (subconscious) resistance, so this was a very valuable shift for me into true surrender instead of a ‘pretend-to-get-what-you-want’ surrender.