Twin Flame reunion energy is flooding in, are you ready to reunite with your twin?

This is one of the best read articles on my website, it has been read by thousands and thousands of people from all over the world. However if you are really a Twin Flame on the way to union, then my advice to you is stop waiting for the energies to do their magic and do the work you are being asked to do.

I see so many people wasting their time and energy on quick fixes. If you just want your ex back, then chances are slim that you are really in a Twin Flame connection – this journey is not about getting back with your ex. You can use this foolproof method to find out if this person is really your Twin Flame.

If you are a Twin Flame on this journey for better or worse, join me in the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe where I will teach you how to do the work this journey asks of you, because in the end doing the work is the ONLY shortcut to union.

Blue glowing rotating mandala in spaceTwin Flame Reunion Energy Influx is on it’s way

If you are on the Twin Flame journey then you might have noticed there is a big buzz in the Twin Flame community about the upcoming Twin Flame reunion energy influx that is being felt and predicted by intuitive bloggers and YouTube Twin Flame card readers.

These final months of 2016 and well into 2017 there will be massive support from the heavens for Twin Flames to come into physical reunion and in the Twin Flame Union of the soul. No matter how bad things have been between you and your twin, things are about to change with these new energies to support your Twin Flame union. Things will be getting easier.

Especially the Saturn retrograde earlier this year from March 25th to August 13th could have brought you some tough lessons to learn, in regards to your twin. It all depends where Saturn hit you in your life, which can be seen by astrologers in your natal chart. I know that at the start of the Saturn retrograde my twin slammed the door shut in my face, for the first time since we met. Just before Saturn turned direct he opened the door to a crack again to let me back in at a pace that he could handle and that was way too F-ing slow to my taste.

For me the Saturn retrograde was of course all about the crash course in trusting my own judgment, which my twin had mirrored me. You can find a list here in this article on how the Saturn retrograde might have manifested in your life. Saturn is a tough taskmaster, but the upside is that any lesson learned under Saturn is a lesson mastered and with that a firm foundation built that is rock solid for you to continue on. Another awesome bonus with Saturn is that it leaves you a gift at the door. Saturn’s gifts are as sweet, as his lessons are tough.

Saturn is just the cherry on top, there are lots more delicious celestial events coming up that are ushering us into PAY OFF time. All our hard work will, reap new results now. So, get ready!

Did you do the work?

The thing is that you can only reap what you have sown. If you did not use the time of separation to do the inner work, then you can also not expect to reap huge results.

Twin Flame separation is such an important part of the Twin Flame journey, the pain is meant to move you to go deeper than you have ever dared to go before. It is meant to move you into your true destiny. You can spend your time in the Twin Flame separation phase, resisting it with every fiber in your being and increase the pain tenfold, or you can do the F-ing inner work and let the pain lead you to what needs to be healed.

If you are just waiting and pining for your twin to come back to you, you are missing the whole point and most of all the immense GIFT that Twin Flame separation has to offer you. I totally sympathize with your feelings and pain. I know what you are going through, I went through it too. At some point it just hurt so much I gave up and surrendered, by completely accepting what appeared to be my reality at that moment – to be perfect as it was and exactly how it should be. When I was able to do that, I saw that this Twin Flame separation was THE MOST EXQUISITE BLESSING – that I could have received.

It brought me into my own power, embracing my unique gift to the world and frankly it showed me how much Twin Flame separation is just a 3D illusion. Because even though my twin was acting like a heartless, lying, cheating, blah blah blah in the physical, on the energetical plane his higher self was showing up EVERYWHERE – supporting me in my healing process and helping me birth this complete new side of me, that changed my life forever. Without this separation, I would have still have a business that was NOT soul aligned at all, doing work that I did totally ROCK at – but no longer felt aligned to and just honestly was not my true life calling.

So if you are still resisting your Twin Flame separation, relax – trust and surrender. The moment you do, the Universe will realign you to your TRUE DESTINY too.

Until you do allow yourself to go through this earth shattering transformation, you are blocking your Twin Flame reunion. You need to go through this realignment in order to fully reunite with your twin, in this lifetime or the next. It does not guarantee Twin Flame reunion in this lifetime, it all depends on what you both agreed on for this life. However this realignment, is a requirement in order to fully reunite with your twin.

Are you subconsciously blocking your own Twin Flame reunion?

“Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life and You will call it Fate.”
Carl Jung

I know that being together with your Twin Flame is your deepest heart’s desire, there is nothing that you want more in this Universe. It is the strongest desire for anything that you ever felt in your entire lifetime. You want it with all the passion and all the fire you have in you.

Still at a subconscious level, you could have a lot of programming running without you knowing it that will keep the reunion with your Twin Flame forever out of reach. And actually it is in reality all this deep buried and covered up crap, that is triggering this whole runner and chaser dynamic which most twins have to deal with at some point. Unless they are both Bodhisattva’s and have already resolved all their earthly unhealed shit – then there is nothing left to be triggered.

So what could be some of this hidden gunk and sludge, that will tell your subconscious mind that you are better off without your twin close to you and will keep you manifesting disharmony until it is cleaned up?

It can be any of the following and a combination of two or more:

  • Unhealed wounds with lovers from this lifetime and past lifetimes, that cause you to fear to be hurt again if you open your heart or have caused you to distrust the other sex
  • Ancestral beliefs around love and marriage and men and women in regards to love and marriage – For example ‘Men always cheat.’
  • Joint past lives between you and your twin in which you hurt each other emotionally or physically, betrayed each other, killed one another or any other trauma you experienced together that was not understood and healed
  • Childhood wounds around love, around marriage, sexuality, romantic love and what you saw and heard in your family of origin including feelings of deserving to be loved yourself
  • Inner child wounding of any kind – For example, trying to get daddy’s love from your twin and of course fear of abandonment and fear of commitment are HUGE Twin Flame themes
  • Sexual abuse in this lifetime or a past lifetime, that is running a program of fear of intimacy
  • Celibacy vows that are being activated and making a physical reunion impossible

Like any other manifestation, your subconscious mind will keep it away from you (protect you) if it is programmed to believe that being together with your Twin Flame will hurt you. It does not matter that the programming is outdated or based on false information. It has been programmed to believe this is true and therefor, it refuses to manifest your desire. Not because you are not worthy, or because it is not meant to be – but merely because it was programmed to sustain your survival. Your hearts desire is seen as a threat to your survival and well being and as a result gets cancelled out.

Change the inner programming and you change the outer manifestation.

Are you ready for your Twin Flame reunion?

The energies will not do the work for you. If you sat back and did nothing, these energies no matter how supportive they are will not create union for you. So the questions you need to answer are: Are you ready for the reunion with your Twin Flame? Did you throw everything at it? Did you play FULL OUT. Did you give it your 100%? Or is there still some work left to do?

I can’t help you with ALL the work, but I can help you access your subconscious mind and your Akashic record (the documentation of the complete journey of your soul through all lifetimes) and help you heal and clear out YOUR OWN BIGGEST BLOCKS TO UNION like – inner child wounds, childhood programming and past and present life beliefs, trauma’s and repressed emotions that are keeping you out of Twin Flame reunion.

In the Twin Flame Reunion journey, you will be able to uncover ALL of your major internal blocks that are keeping you out of Twin Flame reunion. The sessions are fast, intense and right in your face, showing you multiple issues at once. We don’t pussyfoot around. There is a Dutch expression that translates to soft healers, leave stinky wounds – meaning that it’s better to rip off the band aid quickly. In the session we go for the TRUTH and nothing but the truth, as a result your soul who is craving the reunion with your twin too, will show us everything that still needs to be resolved and give us the answers on how to do this.

These sessions work like spiritual Drano, it will unclog the biggest blocks in one go!

Book your Twin Flame Reunion Journey here.

Wishing you magic and miracles on this amazing adventure with your beloved.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




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  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Not quite, there were also some days mixed in of feeling utter desperation. 😉 But the more I aimed for that everything happening was perfect and that no matter what I was seeing was going to turn out for my highest good – the more I could relax into that the more I could chill about the outcome.

  • Adrian Ellis

    So your whole whole vibe while he was gone was like “I’m good whether he comes back or not , but I think he will be back” ? . and if so I dig that . I like how the feeling of lightness feels now. Letting go and stuff is nice.

  • Sabriye Dubrie

    Yeah the souls already know what is coming in the future, so they guide us to take the necessary actions to align to the new timeline we are moving onto. It is such a guided process.

  • Celisse Willis

    Celibacy vows?
    I had already set the intention to be single over a year & a half before my twin & I even met because I wanted to heal myself from being in bad relationships & figure out why I was attracting them in the first place. This is interesting though because since meeting my twin & being intimate with him, I’ve felt even less of a desire to want to be with anyone else intimately. I’ve gone on random dates with a few other guys, only had sex with one of them, but just no interest in pursuing anything else. But the initial intention was a personal decision before even being aware that I had a twin.

  • Leann

    Are you in my soul family?!

  • Leann

    YAY 1111 is soooo amazing

  • Liah Siarra