Twin Flame Healing Retreat Ibiza, Spain – February 26 to March 2nd 2018

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Start 2018 with a transformational bang!

Are you ready to start off 2018 with a transformational bang? Then this is the retreat for you, 5 days Ibiza with all my personal favorite healers that I work with on my Twin Flame journey. This is guaranteed to be the most transformational week ever for those willing to go deep and transform their lives with some of the best healers worldwide. I have worked with each of them personally and have gotten massive results because of it.

I want to share this experience with you, because being on the Twin Flame journey does not have to be drama filled or a road of pain and suffering. It is meant to be a magical journey of transformation, an alchemical process in which we transform the lead of ego consciousness into the gold of Soul truth.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for those who are on the Twin Flame journey, who want to align deeper to themselves, their twin and Twin Flame union.

People are flying in from all over the world to attend including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands.

Because this retreat is international, all communication will be in English.

What will you get?

This retreat will be all about busting those blocks that are keeping you stuck and they don’t have to be Twin Flame related. It can also be about stepping into your mission. Busting through those abundance blocks that are keeping you stuck in scarcity or ‘just enough’ to get by mode.

In this 5 day healing retreat we will do deep inner healing work. Part of the package includes Shamanic healing, energy healing, subconscious mind and past life clearing and body work to release deep lodged wounding.

Opening ceremony and a full moon release closing ceremony

On Monday the 26th we will open the healing retreat with a powerful intention ceremony for the healing and transformation to take place that week. On Friday the 2nd of March we will close off the week with a full moon release ceremony in which we let go of everything that was ready to be released through the healing work we did in the past week. The full moon ceremony includes a smudging ceremony to clear out your vibrational field and clear out the lines of communication between you and your twin.

Over $1000 worth of healing work

  • 2 hour Shamanic healing journey worth $175
  • 1,5 hour energy healing session worth $125
  • 1 hour deep body release work worth $350
  • 2 hour Twin Flame Reunion journey worth $397

If you want extra sessions with one or more of the healers you can book them at a surcharge directly with them.

Visit Power spot Es Vedra and the Goddesses cave

Excursions to the Goddesses cave and the third most powerful spot in the world Es Vedra which both are very powerful healing spots on the island.

Meditating at Es Vedra is said to bring on deep inner healing. We will be going here on Wednesday to visit this magical spot and the Goddesses cave. To have more than enough time in both places, there will be no healing sessions scheduled that day.

It will be a day to relax and let the healing energies of the island itself work their magic for you.

Organic vegan meals and lodging

This package is including delicious organic vegan meals to support your body, mind and spirit in the healing process. The lodging is in a beautiful Ibiza villa with swimming pool and breathtaking views, you will be sharing your room with one other person.

Daily routine

There will be daily joined meals and every person has one session a day. The rest of the day is free to give you plenty of time to reflect on what is touched in the session. Time to integrate, nap if you need to, take walks in nature, or go sightseeing if you are up to it.

We are keeping your schedule light so that the healing work can really go deep and that you can do what you need to do in order to optimally integrate this experience. This is so personal, for some this might mean taking a nap to allow the healing energies to work through. For others a walk will be just what they need. Or maybe journaling is the thing that works best for you. This is why we have left this open for you to decide.

On Wednesday there will be no healing sessions, as we are off on our excursion to the Goddesses cave and Es Vedra.

Meet the healers

Ellen Nijenhuis

Ellen Nijenhuis is a powerful energy healer who works with the craniosacral fluid flow in your body to facilitate deep healing from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Ellen has a specialty to channel your own personal healing team and assist in the downloads and upgrades that are being held in escrow for you by your guides and angels.

For this retreat she will be focusing on ancient Egyptian initiations gone wrong and clearing the related trauma. Many Twin Flames have been initiated in ancient Egypt and are ready to clear the deep rooted soul traumas from those lifetimes.

Sandra de Vos

Sandra de Vos loves to bring harmony in what seems to be energetically out of alignment. She invites blockages that keep your life-force from its effortless flow to come out into the open. That what was kept hidden and longs to be released from its imprisonment, to be truly seen for the essence that it carries deep inside.

As a channel Sandra facilitates you with releasing old and stuck energy. During an energetic session she ‘dances’ with your subconsciousness. Through shamanic drumming, sound healing, light languages, metaphors, body movements she reveals the deeply rooted energies that are ready to be released. This helps you to become more grounded, transform obstacles, connect with Source energy and surrender to your inner wisdom.


Rafael is an intuitive body worker, who is specialized in the treatment of ailments that have been treated unsuccessfully till date. He helps people release their physical aches and pains, but also the deeply lodged emotions often behind their physical manifestation as pain and discomfort in the body.

We often have decades and decades of emotional pain stashed away in our physical body, Rafael finds these spots in our body and facilitates the physical release of the emotional blocks in our body. This leads of course to a better physical health, but also transforms your life on all other levels as these stuck energies were vibrationally sabotaging your life in a myriad of ways.

Sabriyé Dubrie

Sabriyé facilitates Twin Flame Reunion Journeys in which she channels an energy that allows the client access to their own subconscious mind and Akashic record. This then allows the client to see subconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them and even shows the past life wounding that is bleeding through in their current day reality.

By firmly closing the door on past lives, retrieving soul aspects and making the unconscious – conscious again Sabriyé has helped hundreds of Twin Flames transform their lives. Seeing the truth on a Soul level is life changing and creates powerful vibrational shifts that alter realities.

Early bird until January 2nd 2018

The early bird price is $2097 for 5 days including daily healing session, excursions, lodging and organic vegan meals. Based on shared room with one other.

Arrival on February the 25th and checkout on March the 4th is possible at an extra charge of $150.

It will be a very intimate retreat with ONLY 8 spots.

What to bring with you?

This is a list of things you might want to take with you:

  • Comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in
  • Warm clothes, Ibiza is known for it’s sunny weather but it will probably be around 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Warm footwear like socks or warm slippers
  • A hot water bottle for some extra warmth sometimes healing can release old wounding, as chills and waves of cold
  • Journal and pen
  • Audio meditations and headphones
  • Sturdy walking shoes for daily walks and our excursions
  • Warm coat
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