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Doing the Twin Flame Journey all by yourself can become really challenging. It’s so hard sometimes to not take things personally and to keep perspective. To support twins worldwide in coming into union I have created an online community where the twins can connect, support and cheer each other on in the journey.

This is a promo free group, which doesn’t tolerate any form of twin bashing. You will always be guided back to look at the pain that is being touched inside of you. It’s straight up and in your face, but the members get results they didn’t get before in other online twin communities. The journey becomes easier, the communication with their twin improves or they start to see their own blocks toward union and suddenly things shift.

Because twins play such an important role in the ascension of planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants, chances are you will also be connecting to your soul family in the Twin Flame realm. But I also see a lot that other twin pairs can mirror your own journey and that the friendships that form naturally inside the community are beneficial to both parties. It is really great to have some friends who actually understand the process you are in, right? Who know what you are going through and who do not think that the solution to all your problems, is to just MOVE ON.

Because it is a paid group it filters out all the people who are not serious, the crazies, the hurt and disillusioned that often are prominently present in free Twin Flame groups and that really drag down the energy. This lower vibration frequency is counterproductive to shifting into the higher 5D frequencies necessary to coming into vibrational alignment to your Twin Flame Union. This is why I guard the energy of the group to ensure that it’s members can easily come and remain in the miracle filled possibilities that the 5th dimensional reality has to offer.

So if this sounds awesome to you, please come and join us. We would love to have you with us.

I don’t group coach in this group, but if I have time and it’s something that I can tackle in a couple of minutes I will address it. It’s my experience then that my answer to one person’s situation answers not only that persons dilemma but also helps other members in the group understand their own situations better.

Of course I also share my energy in the group by holding the space and through fun, yet always content rich live streams.

Ready to transform your Twin Flame journey? Join our community today, after you have paid you receive a link to the closed Facebook* group where you can join us.

*ONLY members of the community see what you post – NO ONE outside the group can see what you share. It is a completely safe space to share your journey in.

Energy flows where the decision goes, which can create instant shifts in your connection with your Twin Flame as can joining forces with likeminded people. Famous author Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich writes about the concept of Mastermind alliances which he described as: “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

He believed that a harmonious group of two or more people who come together for a specific purpose, or around a specific topic, bring forth the power of creativity and support that you can’t find when you go it alone. Meaning that Mastermind alliances accelerate the growth of the individuals, by joining forces.

Joining the Online Twin Community gives you access to:

  • Our Twin Flame community with members from all over the world (UK, India, US, Canada, Malta and Dubai just to name a few)
  • High quality Twin Flame information
  • Support on your individual journey
  • People who are on the same path facing similar issues with which you can discuss what you are going through and who understand you
  • Guidance when needed to turn your situation around

Gangsta Goddesses Tribe members get free lifetime access to the Online Twin Community!

This is what one of the members says about the community:

‘Sabriyé’s group has helped me when I’ve been so lost… it’s nothing short of magic. I’d waited for 2 years for my twin, equally sure that he was coming back around, and anxious that he wouldn’t.

The day after I signed up and the manifesto moved me to tears, I ran into him for the first in all that time, and I credit the course for that. Since then I have been delivered so much critical content to help me frame things as I need to in my mind to optimise the chances of a positive encounter.

I don’t often sign up to these things, but I am so grateful that I found Gangsta Goddesses.’


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12 reviews for Online Twin Community

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Gangsta Goddesses private online group is the ideal place for those committed to this journey. The fact that a pre-requisite for being able to join the group is having purchased the Align to Your Divine Plan programme or membership to the Online Twin Community means that when you engage in the group you are engaging with equally committed women, who are dedicated first and foremost to doing the work of self-reflection and healing as they make their way through the ascension process that is part and parcel – indeed, the real point of – the twin flame journey.

    The group attracts those who are sure enough about who they are and what they have stumbled across in this divine love connection that has entered their lives, that they are able to support each other, lovingly challenge each other where necessary, and bring a huge degree of intelligence (of all kinds) to what is, in the end, an amazing but very challenging journey into Self.

    I feel surrounded by like-minded, like-hearted, intelligent, thoughtful women in this group and that has made me feel able to use it fully to get the feedback and reflection that I am looking for – ie. it feels safe to fully share and what I receive in return is invariably helpful on my journey.

    I briefly joined about 5 of the other twin flame groups on FB and, having joined this group at the same time, I quickly realised that not only did I not need to surround myself by the kind of desperate energy and false-consciousness, old template thinking prevalent in some of the other groups (as people ask how to get their twin (who very may well not be their twin!) to come back to them and how long the “separation” stage lasts and when will the next stage start (FFS!)); that in fact, I only needed one good group. This group is it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Hi Sabriye,

    On my journey I thought I was alone in this complex situation, all signs, senses I did not understand, I was told about TF connections and that I was in one, the energy was just incredible, so I researched this further and discovered my connection ticked every sign in the book. I am intuitive so feeling his energy constantly like most of us do, to the point where sometimes I thought I might be going crazy, push, pull, he’s here then he’s gone.

    Then I found you, an angel who has helped me understand this whole process, a sense of belonging to others, a community of twins who are going through the same but at different stages, it’s intense, it’s soul wrenching, it takes out every other old outdated relationship, it’s not for the fainthearted, no way. To say, you have been there for me when I needed an answer or guidance and I truly appreciate that.

    I have recently started listening to the co-dependency meditation, it’s amazing because so much in me has been triggered and I’m facing all that now, yes it’s painful yet somehow beautiful. I know I’m only half way through this whole process, right now but I trust the universe implicitly because everything of the old way has gone. So you are amazing and I thank the universe for truly blessing me on this path bringing a soul such as you and the friends I have made here my way xx

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Moran (verified owner)

    The twin flame awakening is a shock. You discover it one day and literally your life change from that moment on and never become the same. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people that can help you making your adepts in the new spectrum of life. I’m a member of the tribe on-line and also consulted Sabriye and every time her perspective and advice were spot on. So if you’re here you are at the right place. ❤️ Buckle in and enjoy the ride 😉

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alix (verified owner)

    Sabriyé’s group has helped me when I’ve been so lost… it’s nothing short of magic.
    I’d waited for 2 years for my twin, equally sure that he was coming back around, and anxious that he wouldn’t.

    The day after I signed up and the manifesto moved me to tears, I ran into him for the first in all that time, and I credit the course for that. Since then I have been delivered so much critical content to help me frame things as I need to in my mind to optimise the chances of a positive encounter.

    I don’t often sign up to these things, but I am so grateful that I found Gangsta Goddesses.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    After I did a Twin Flame Reunion Journey with Sabriyé, I also decided to buy her online program for Gangsta Goddesses Tribe members. It has shown me the steps that I need to take to come back into my own power, the program is very valuable just like the sessions with Sabriyé! Go for it !!!!
    Thank you for all the insights ❤

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joanna Lewars (verified owner)

    I love this group led by Sabriye. In just 2 months I have grown so much and made good friends. I don’t feel like I am being sold services constantly like some other sites. Sabriye’s journey is inspiring and resonating at times. I also feel comfortable to share my experiences and love hearing about others. I have learnt loads. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    What I like the most about this group is the fact that Sabriyé is guiding you in a totale different way. No halleluja talk and straight to the point. I think that my journey is somewhat of a different kind because I did my inner-work 12 years ago and I’ve learned most lessons then. But sometimes reminders are just what I need, focus again on a specific part. My quest is more on the Universe side, even while knowing that everything happens for a reason. It’s helpful to read other people’s visions and different articles because it’s giving me more options to explore in my journey. I want to keep learning and keep exploring about myself and expand my inner truth. I know what I felt meeting my twin, he is not aware. Whatever the outcome will be, I will keep the faith and this group helps me in this. Sometimes a little mad, sometimes feeling sad, somehow also funny but with unconditional love! Either way, you can find support here!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pamela Frigy

    When I first experienced twin flame telepathy I thought I was losing it, that it couldn’t possibly be true. I couldn’t understand the feelings , the amount of connection as if we had known reach other for lifetimes, and the depth of despair when my twin moved on. I had loved before but never at this level. It is quite difficult to relate how extremely accurate the direction I received was from this group, it was like a rudder was added to a ship on the ocean. I could understand why certain things happened, and this group helped me to understand how letting go actually cleared the path for at least friendship with my twin. I have hope now, even though in a holding pattern of friendship … I now understand that we have a reason why we feel what we do. He actually admitted he loves me and I him, and we say it freely. Our relationship won’t ever go away, we both understand that, even though he doesn’t know he is my twin! All of these things were possible through this group, and understanding how to react. I am very grateful.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    Since August 2015 I have had multiple experiences of Kundalini energy, an amazing feeling but so new for me. But I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, since August 2016 I have had these immense experiences of oneness and overflowing love.

    This came forth out of my search for Universal love (a man I had met in Greece in the summer of 2000). An intense love in which we had a beautiful but on and off relationship for about two years. He was in a relationship and I met the father of my children with whom I was with until August 2015. But I kept dreaming about my soul love and also the telepathic connection became stronger and stronger and I honestly thought I was just imagining things, over romanticizing everything or just going crazy.

    Until I started reading your experience with your Twin Flame in India. At first I thought you were exaggerating, but now I understand it completely. When I looked into his eyes for the first time I felt like I was falling into the cosmos, experiencing deep deep love that crossed all boundaries, like ancient history running through my veins.

    Only recently we are back in contact rather minimally, but there is an opening again and we haven’t spoken in 14 years that’s why I doubt sometimes if all this I am feeling is real. That’s why I joined your community to read your story and watch the live streams, to find out more and because this whole thing is making me feel so much.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi Sabriyé! I’d like to share with you how I experience to be in this group.
    For me it has been and still is a great help and comfort to read about other twinflame stories and especially the feelings others have in certain stages of their tf journey. It helps a lot to feel uplifted but also to know that sometimes it’s just the same with others as it is with me.
    I listen to a lot of readings and read all the articles that are being shared. Most of the time I’m here in the background reading all the things that come by.
    Yes, I feel supported so much more than when I would do this journey alone!
    Thanks for the sharings, tips and articles! With love …

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandra van den Berg

    The moment that this group caught my eye, was when I needed it the most. I had almost given up and started to believe I was living and feeling an illusion…… Being a member of this group helped me to believe again, it gave me the feeling that I am not longer alone! The stories, the advise we get here help me so much. It helped me to find myself again, to love myself again, to feel the love from my twin even if he is not telling me that with words, I feel the energy! Everything that’s has been posted helped me go on right to union within myself and with my Twin Flame, I know and feel that everything I do reflects to him also☺
    I am very grateful to be part of this beautiful group and to Sabriyé Dubrie because you all help me to grow into the person I am, the person that is almost ready to meet with my other half physically. I feel that we are almost ready! I believe that this group is a blessing , clear and honest! Thank you

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clementine Le-Beyeuc

    I learned here that it’s ME healing in this transformation process. Your twin is standing next to you, whatever happens. Physical form or not. Always love your twin, always choose for love in Union. No judgment whatsoever, your twin might not be aware of his/her actions or is having a hard time swallowing the gunk. One time I got real deep and cried, this group send me so much love and guidance. That was the best!! Much love to all here.

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