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Tap into your abundance – Money Tracker

The quickest way to change your money story and get out of debt completely is to track the abundance flowing in to your life. This is the number #1 tool that business coaches use to help their clients increase the money influx to their business.


Money and Twin Flames

Money can be such an issue on this journey especially because the Twin Flame adventure moves us out of the 3D lives we had built for ourselves and into the life our soul has prepared for us. Finances can be tight at some parts of the journey.

Another reason is that money and love are the same Source energy and the blocks we have in regards to money are the exact same blocks we have in receiving love and visa versa. Just think about the scraps and crumbs you have been accepting in your love life, before you met your Twin Flame…

To help you get your income streams flowing again, I want to share with you the number ONE tool that has helped me turn my money story around using the Law of Attraction. Seriously, start tracking your money and watch which financial miracles will appear out of nowhere.

Unlimited abundance is part of the new 5D paradigm we are shifting into and you will find that money will come in handy on this journey to pay the healers and coaches you need to support you in your personal healing and growth process. On my own journey I have always invested generously in working with healers and coaches, which has gotten me to where I am today.

What you pay attention to, increases

No matter who you hire as a business coach, the first thing they will tell you to do in order to increase your income – is to start tracking your money. Because that which you put your attention to will grow and money LOVES getting attention. Just like a flower it will blossom with some good old TLC (tendering loving care).

There is nothing money loves more than for you to look at her daily and give her some love. The only way to do that is, to track the amount of abundance coming in meticulously. You will see when you start doing this, that more money will start trickling, then gushing and eventually flooding into your life.

The best way to track your money is through either a (simple) Excel sheet or a tracking app. There are many options out there on the market but in order do really have the Law of Attraction do it’s magic on your numbers, you should:

Track daily sales

In order to give your money the TLC that it craves you need to track it daily. That means as soon as you have a sale, you write it down. Not at the end of the week, not at the end of the month and certainly not at the end of the quarter when your taxes are due. When you want the Law of Attraction to do it’s magic on your numbers you need to EXPECT to be able to write up daily sales. It might not start out that way, but it will come if you start getting ready for it.

Tracking daily sales does two things, first of all it gives you the chance to see and love the money coming in, plus it sends a strong signal to the Universe that you want more of this yummy experience and that you expect money to come to you everyday, in every way.

Don’t own a business? You can still track the different times in the month that you receive money through work and other sources of income.

Track daily received value

But of course the Universe is not limited to your company to bring in the daily abundance. Your company is just one of the UNLIMITED channels the Universe has to bless you. You also want to be wide awake to all the other ways you are getting blessed with abundance. So in order to open ALL the channels of RECEIVING, you want to also start noticing all the yummy extra’s coming in, like:

  • Discounts & coupons
  • Money found
  • Money gifted to you
  • Value of prizes you win
  • Gifts you receive
  • Gift cards you receive
  • Etc.

When you start tracking all these bonuses, you are truly letting the Universe know that you expect money to come to you everyday in EVER YWAY and you are ready to receive a lot more of it – the Universe feels, cause you are thinking about this every single day. Wow! You never realized you had so much to be grateful for.

Create houses for your money

The Universe doesn’t respond well to wanting money for the money. It is possible, I have also done it that way when I wanted to reach my first 5 figure month. However, manifesting the money you want, becomes a lot easier when you are clear on what you want to spend it on. You need to have specific goals for that money. You need to know exactly how much, what you want costs and have a place ready to put the money in when it shows up.

By exactly knowing what your dream’s and wishes cost, you send out a strong signal to the Universe that you are serious about manifesting them. It’s much more convincing to the subconscious mind, that you NEED the money, when you know the things you want to spend it on. Once the subconscious mind is in on the plan, it’s much easier for the Universe to give you what you have asked for either by giving you the hard cash to buy it or in another miraculous way.

Know till the penny what is coming in and what is going out

So most trackers track what is coming in, but it’s just as valuable to track what is going out. First of all, it gives you the minimum amount of money you need to manifest each month to break even.

Secondly by tracking what is going out on a monthly basis, you can easily spot unnecessary money leaks and close them.

Thirdly, the money going out of your business is not a negative thing – the companies and the people you pay is something to be grateful for because their work supports you and your company. The phone company makes it possible for your clients to call you. Your web designer makes it possible for your clients to find you online. No matter what expense you have when you look at it closely, you will see that this company or person adds value to your life and business.

Guess what happens when you start looking at your expenses in this way? No more nasty unexpected surprises, no more manifesting fines or financial woe. The love and gratitude you send out returns to you a thousandfold.

Introducing the Money Tracker

To make it SUPER easy for you we have created the Money Tracker, a pre-coded locked set of Google sheets that does ALL of the above. We programmed everything in there that sets the Law of attraction in ACTION on your money flow.

All you need to do is fill in your numbers and the tracker takes care of the rest.

The Money Tracker helps you take your focus off:

  • The need to think about how to set it up
  • The risk of sums not doing what they are supposed to do
  • Wasting your time on something that is not in your zone of genius

So you can fully focus on:

  • Allowing the Law of Attraction to do it’s magic on your money
  • Giving your daily loving attention to your money
  • Getting crystal clear on your desired income goal and reaching it

How does the Money Tracker work?

Like I said, the Money Tracker has been created to make it super easy for you to use. Like you, I am a business owner and I know how busy life can be with a business. So the Money Tracker has been set up in such a way, that it asks minimal effort and input from your side.

You only need to:

  1. Set which year you are tracking yearly and your DESIRED income goal monthly.
  2. Fill in your expenses and the money you want to manifest for your dreams and wishes on a monthly basis
  3. Track your sales and received value on a daily basis

It’s that simple!

The system we setup handles the rest for you.

Here is the breakdown on the Money Tracker specs:

  • We created a 13 sheet system with one sheet for each month with cross sheet calculations and a year overview page that shows you your results of all the twelve months individually and as a total – Throughout the whole year you will know to the penny how much money you made
  • Per month you track your daily sales and received value, your monthly expenses and the money you need for your dreams & wishes
  • In each month you see the results of your achieved income, your expenses and received value in a graph – Showing you exactly what you have been focusing on
  • We locked the fields so your file won’t go corrupt
  • We pre-coded all the calculations so you are set to go
  • Because you can set each year, you can keep using the Money Tracker by making a copy file for each year

As you see we thought of everything, the ONLY thing you still need to do is buy the Money Tracker and start using it.

Are you ready to rock your unlimited abundance mindset out of this galaxy and increase your MONEY FLOW while you are at it? Then hit the payment button, to get instant access to this amazing tool that is going to change your MONEY STORY forever.

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    So I purchased the Money Tracker from Sabriyé Dubrie and I just set it up for June. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE it. I thought it might be overwhelming to look at the amount of expenses I have, but it’s not. It was actually exciting to see it all in one place and it’s going to be so much fun changing the status from pending to paid. What a new way to look at paying bills. Brilliant!

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