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January Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Heart Activation

Live from Jaipur, India. This is the third activation of a monthly low entry group healing sessions, to assist the collective of Twin Flames, Lightworkers and Starseeds in their personal ascension process and Divine Partnership unions. Each monthly activation will help you raise your energy and help you release what no longer serves you, acting as a vibrational tune up to help you stay balanced as Gaia herself raises her frequency which triggers everything in us that is not yet aligned to these higher frequencies.



The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo is here to awaken and inspire your tired and tender heart. This once in a lifetime event, could allow folks to finally hear the calling from their 4th chakra and step into a new life that honors their soul with 100% authenticity. The eclipse in Leo will not stand for anything fake or manufactured. Only truth and authenticity in its highest forms will be allowed and if you have been repressing what you truly want and desire, this lunar eclipse will be a final wake up call to get moving.’


Join Gangsta Goddesses – Sabriyé Ayana and Alisha Braché for a January Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Heart activation transmission live from Jaipur, India.

The live video transmission will take place in a private Facebook group at (8 pm IST). You can use this tool (https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/) to convert to your timezone. If you can’t make it for the live transmission there will be a replay available that will be just as powerful as the live transmission. After your purchase you will receive a link to the private group where you can watch the transmission.

January 21st 2019 is a powerful energy which will be laying down the foundations for the coming year… We have a Trinity of energies going on which also compliments the Planetary “3 year” in Numerology – This full moon, named the ‘wolf full moon’ is the perfect time to connect with your ‘soul tribe’ like the ‘wolf pack’ as we honor this partial lunar eclipse, which will give the the impression that the Moon is a Red/Pink color also known as a Blood Moon.

You can read more about the Astrological aspects of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse here:


During this transmission we will be honoring and working with these powerful energies as they filter into the planet as we work with them to clear, align and set our intentions for laying down the foundations for the coming year.

What is it that you want to align to and manifest in your physical reality?

As we move into a 3 year in Numerology which themes include:

THREE YEAR – Communication, Cooperation, Socialization, Creative expression, writing, public speaking, enjoying social aspect, having more time with friends and loved ones to enjoy your connections. This certainly includes the connection with your Divine Counterpart as we collectively build the pillars of the 5D Relationship template and society together!

So journey with us as we share this live transmission as it will guide you through a process of Aligning your energy to its highest potential at this time, in a way that is perfect for you as you! Connect with your Divine Counterpart to clear and align your energy frequencies to match and harmonize with one another.

And we connect deeply with the soul family around the planet to assist anchoring more 5D energies and love into the planet as we are swiftly moving into this new earth & new paradigm of 5D living.

As above so below and so in order to assist our communities and the planet in the BIG shift, we first need to create this shift within ourselves and raise our own vibrational frequency to the higher 5th dimensional state of being. Let’s all connect together to embody the energy of change we wish to see in the world and allow this to filter out and ripple across the planet.

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