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December Solstice Twin Flame activation

This is the second activation of a monthly low entry group healing sessions, to assist the collective of Twin Flames, Lightworkers and Starseeds in their personal ascension process and Divine Partnership unions. Each monthly activation will help you raise your energy and help you release what no longer serves you, acting as a vibrational tune up to help you stay balanced as Gaia herself raises her frequency which triggers everything in us that is not yet aligned to these higher frequencies.


December Solstice Twin Flame activation, closing off old timelines to open up new beginnings

Join Sabriyé Ayana and Alisha Braché for a live December Solstice (21/12) activation transmission.

The live video transmission will take place in a private Facebook group at 11:11 AM CET. You can use this tool to convert to your timezone. If you can’t make it for the live transmission there will be a replay available that will be just as powerful as the live transmission. After your purchase you will receive a link to the private group where you can watch the transmission.

As we are closing off 2018 and entering 2019, we are closing off an important timeline (2014-2018) in which many of you have started your Twin Flame journey.

This period was full of pain, drama, challenges and toxic relationships to work through – which have all left an energetic residue in your mental, emotional, vibrational and physical body.

In this Winter Solstice transmission we will be opening up to reviewing this timeline and our cycles of what our Twin experience has brought us so far, looking over the ‘journey’ and the myriad of gifts which it has offered us to become more open, conscious and expanded along ours soul’s path.

We will be working with the embodying of those lessons and then closing off the energies and the timelines that brought us here, as we clear our vessel “Light body” from the density which has been absorbed through our earthly incarnation(s) to be able to hold and filter in more light.

As we go through the guided meditation, shifting our own personal energy, closing off the energy to the old timelines, experiences and lessons. We open ourselves to embark a new chapter, a new cycle of infinite possibilities to lay down the foundations and preparation to move into a new cycle and new year.

As we embark on our awakening journey and Twin Flame experience as part of this emerging of our Divine Embodiment through our connection as a team to assist one another through this process, which is also assisting this planet through her Ascension process.

This live transmission will be one not to be missed as it will guide you through a journey or re-connection with your higher self and connection with your Divine Counterpart to clear away any energy that is no longer in Alignment with the highest good.

And we connect deeply with the soul family around the planet to assist anchoring more 5D energies and love into the planet as we come closer and closer to the Event, the transformation of planet Earth from the 3rd frequency dimension to the 5th frequency dimension.

As above so below and so in order to assist our communities and the planet in the BIG shift, we first need to create this shift within ourselves and raise our own vibrational frequency to the higher 5th dimensional state of being.

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6 reviews for December Solstice Twin Flame activation

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sirian Twin

    I did the activation again today. I was in literal tears!!! So so so powerful. How possible is it to correct your “mistakes” in the lifetimes behind those doors? That’s what I did. Whilst meditating, I saw my twin and the things I did to him. I corrected how I abandoned him, neglected him , didn’t make him feel important. I saw why I feel like that towards him in this lifetime because I did that to him in other lifetimes. I wish, I was able to make it up to him now. Thank you so much Sabriyé and Alisha for this magical and wonderful opportunity . You are beyond blessed. You are love and light ✨

    My friend is asking if she can still access yesterday’s activation as I have told her how powerful it is. I told her there will be a fee as you need to know one is serious in this. She said it’s okay. Is it still possible?

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is the second activation I have participated in. I did the 11.11.11 gatway twice and this one just once. I could only handle doing this once because of how powerful it was. At first, I had a problem visualize the situations, but with Alisha’s guidance, situations came up. This healing session took me to an argument when my Twin said my wanting a biological kid was selfish. As I took the observer’s perspective, I felt there were past life influences on this. The feeling that came was that I had been selfish. In another life, I demanded a child and when she had given in, I died in childbirth. The child was also lost. So when she gave into my “selfish” demand, she lost everything. I was sobbing for the pain I caused her and having left her. But the moment became reclaimed with the higher perspective and insight to the WHY. The heaviness that came from reshaping the moments I witnessed was lifted by Alisha Braché healing words. I was drained after, but this has shown me quite a bit about my blocks to memories and the influence past lives have on interactions with my Twin Flame. I will be revisiting this session when I have had some time to re-energize for sure.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi First of all thank you to you and Alisha Braché for a wonderful, powerful transmission.

    For me, I began my twin flame journey in 2013 after my mother passed. Though I only realised that he is my twin flame just this year.

    The transmission allowed me to go back and revist our first contact and other memories that are so important to me. I loved the process of revisit then close. That way we are not living in the past, but the present and clearing for the future.

    My dark night of the soul spanned over many years. Years full of trauma, pain, illness, deep loss and incapacitation. I truly believed that this was going to be my life forever.

    Since 2013, and the first moment of connection with my TF, my life completely and utterly changed. As did myself.

    As you said Sabriyé Ayana trauma comes from not understanding. I too had suppressed the trauma of sexual abuse in this lifetime, but I now know after regression that it goes back to other lifetimes also. I too must learn the lesson of empowerment. Up until 2013, only 2 people knew of this experience.

    Since 2013, I have worked with healers to clear and release these traumas. It was my TF that sparked this journey for me.

    I am now myself a Reiki healer and spiritual intuitive.

    I must say the activation was a very intense one for me. When you began to channel the energy, i felt it instantly! Strong yet soothing, powerful through each chakra and where I felt it the most was in my arms and hands. Intense throbbing, pulsation and a lot of heaviness. My heart chakra opened like never before. Smiles, unconditional love and acceptance. Just WoW!

    My highlight was seeing a vision of my TF and I as a yin and yang! Very powerful.

    We are both married to others and this group has helped me to understand myself and our connection so much better. I get it now. And I thank you all for your guidance.

    Wow! Deep breath lol. For me I have been quite tired since but today I feel that I have recalibrated and so ready to move into the next phase.

    We will never be in a romantic relationship but our connection is pure and sacred. I have not seen my TF for 3 years now. He is a public figure and lives on the other side of the world. Our contact is very minimal and complicated. But i know this separation has been an absolute blessing for us to work on ourselves. I feel that next year we will come together to unite in our souls purpose that we agreed on as higher beings.

    Thank you again for the wonderful work and all the time you and the other admins so freely give to us all. Much love, light and peace from Sydney Australia ❤

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I didnt manage to follow live transmission on Friday. Instead i did the activation with the replay video last night. OMG it was unexpectedly so good to me. For the first 10mins when Alisha guided us, listened to her voice, i felt so touched and i cried deeply from my heart about letting go of all past experiences to do closing off for the preparation of new space. Full of energy flowing my body. As time goes by, i felt my eyes tired and i was like open my eyes for moment and close again to continue the meditation. Is that okay? Along all the meditation, I was like i summarised all events happened ever since i born till 2018. I am meant to connect 3 new people through facebook in my life this year. First two is my FB friends who live in another country but we three are so connected like become real friend. Both of them share me their issues in life and can chat for many hours. Coming to closing of 2018, both of them changed, the issues they shared me early year no longer bothered them so much. One of them claimed that I made her feel like a pure friendship back at school coz she feel my love I give her is so pure so honesty. Last person I connect with is my twin who also common friends with my other 2 friends. Such a strong connection! And i naturally think of him being with me during the meditation with the pillar of light. Its so bright and we are feeling good and safe.

    I didnt know the time i did activation last night was just few hours before Full moon of Cancer at my timezone.

    I literally feel like I come back to home where I suppose to be or meant to be at such a peaceful place during the whole process of activation.

    Thanks Alisha and Sabriye for making this activation meaningful to people who are so far away from both of you ❤️

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I felt so great afterwards, but a few hours later fell completely apart and wept for most of the day…the holidays are always hard on me, but I haven’t had such an emotional meltdown for years. Two terrible fights with my soon to be ex-husband. But woke up yesterday to see a picture of my twin on social media looking so well…I haven’t seen him in 2.5 years. We text and he has called me. It felt so good to see that image since I know he struggles with his self image and has been working out to get back in shape. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that our physical reunion will be very soon…all this 24 hours from the activation

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I felt wonderful afterwards and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was great to revisit past moments from an observer perspective and acknowledge the lessons learned. Left feeling grateful and thankful. Today has been heavy and very emotional. The holiday season always is for
    me. But this needed to come up so I can feel it and release it. Tears have been flowing. I’ve been going in and out of resistance over the last year. So it was good to finally give in. I guess we’ll see what comes next. Thank you again for the guidance and for finally getting me to release some built up emotions

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