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5 Session Twin Flame Reunion Journey Package Saves $188

Do you really want to go deep and work through the subconscious and past life issues holding you back? This 5 Session Twin Flame Reunion Journey Package helps you clear out issues at the root. You save $188 in total on the regular session price.



Do you really want to go deep and work through the subconscious and past life issues holding you back? This 5 Session Twin Flame Reunion Journey Package helps you clear out issues at the root.

You save $188 in total on the regular session price.

What’s in this package?

  • 1 Extended Twin Flame Reunion Journey – a first time session of 2 hours
  • 4 Repeat sessions of 1 hour each

All sessions are as described below.

Are you stuck in the Twin Flame runner/chaser dynamic or separation?

Being part of a Twin Soul couple myself I know the utter frustration and pain of the Twin Flame runner/chaser dynamic and separation. A large part of 2014 and 2015 my twin and I spent on playing hide and seek, with him coming closer and closer and then often without a warning running away again from me, himself and the situation. I would then give him some space, but at some point would always want him back in my life and would knock politely or bang on his walls if needed, until he would let me back in. He would at some point always open the door, let me back in – get scared and run again. We had that on rinse and repeat for almost two years.

Then practically the whole of 2016 until 2017 we spent in separation, only to find out that no amount of time or distance could undo our love for each other. So I know all the various stages the Twin Flame journey has to offer intimately and have encountered almost ALL of the common Twin Flame obstacles in my personal journey. Spirit has shown me that it was important to experience these challenges first hand, in order to optimally serve the Twin Flame collective in all my work, including these sessions.


Repeated cycles of running and separation are for Twin Flames nearly always caused by traumatic experiences of hurt and betrayal from either childhood or past lives.”
Cassady Cayne

Some Twin Flame couples manage to keep this dynamic of push-pull up and running for decades, which is really too bad because they just hurt each other over and over again. What I realized pretty quickly when I found myself in a Twin Flame relationship, is that it is designed to bring up all your unhealed traumas and false beliefs that you have been carrying around for ages.

However when my journey started most of the Twin Flame info on the internet didn’t really go further then repeating the Twin Flame stages and telling you that you need to surrender to get out of the runner and chaser dynamic. Surrendering is certainly an important step towards Twin Flame union, but the final step to manifesting union is becoming a vibrational match to your heart’s desire.

It’s really simple you need to be at the vibrational frequency of Twin Flame Union (that what you want to manifest) in order for it to become real in your physical reality.

This is where energy clearing comes in and that takes a lot more than just doing guided meditations. It requires you to to clear out your subconscious blocks from this lifetime and past lives that are lowering your personal vibrational frequency and keeping you out of alignment with your deepest heart’s desire.

Removing this ancient gunk and sludge is what really clears your energy field and raises your vibrational frequency. Your vibrational field (like most people) is filled with past hurts and unresolved trauma from previous lifetimes, this congests your energy field and co-creates your current reality by attracting matching vibrations into your life.

It’s not fear that triggers running – it’s old baggage coming up to be healed

While most Twin Flame sites will tell you that it is fear that is making your Twin Flame run, that is only a small part of what is really going on. In reality it’s old unhealed traumas, outdated beliefs and fears rising up out of the subconscious mind from this lifetime and previous lifetimes that are in fact keeping you out of harmony and out of alignment to your heart’s desire.

By focusing on yourself and removing your own subconscious blocks you and your twin will grow closer and closer again.

Every time my twin ran away, I was able to heal on a deeper level. The Twin Flame dynamic brings on a purging process for every twin pair. It’s built in, in the Twin Flame package – you can’t escape it. You can however make it a lot less painful and speed up the cleansing process, by proactively finding the wounds that are triggering separation or a runner/chaser dynamic between you and your twin.

You are a vibrational being who is made up of both a conscious part and a subconscious part, your conscious part is only deciding 5% of your life. The subconscious mind directs your life for 95% so if there is still a lot of subconscious pain and trauma in the subconscious mind, it will attract matching vibrational outcomes in your physical reality.


Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life and You will call it Fate.
Carl Jung

What you belief to be true within you – whether conscious or subconscious, is mirrored back to you as your physical reality outside of you. A lot of our subconscious beliefs that we held true lifetimes and lifetimes ago are not aligned to our highest truth and by having them mirrored back to us in our 3rd dimensional reality we get a chance to become consciously aware of the subconscious belief and decide if we still want to believe this belief is true or not.

In fact ALL subconscious beliefs are co-creating our current day reality without you knowing it.

In my session with clients we often see that what is happening today in their Twin Flame connection is a redo of a previous life or a deeper karmic pattern that they have had on rinse and repeat throughout multiple lifetimes with their twin.

When it comes to subconscious beliefs, you need to either PLAY out the past or CLEAR out the past.

This is because everything that you do not clear out yourself, you will have to play out in your physical reality to have it fully cleared. Clearing out these old energies, reduces and often eliminates the necessity to have to play out all these painful past hurts in your life in order to heal them. This makes your journey less painful and easier to navigate.

The problem is, like many situations and relationships here on planet Earth – the Twin Flame relationship DOES NOT come with an instruction manual. So, often you have no idea what is going on or why this relationship can involve so much pain. Your Twin Flame will bring up each and every wound to the surface that needs your attention. This happens not with the intention to hurt you, but to prepare you for the next step in your soul evolution- inner union (outer union is but a mere reflection of this union found within).

These are some of the wounds that your Twin Flame can trigger for you to heal, which are keeping you from fully living your soul truth:

  • Fear of abandonment
  • Wounds in relation to your mother
  • Wounds in relation to your father
  • Inner child wounding
  • Sexual abuse issues
  • Grieve & loss issues
  • Anger & resentment issues
  • Fears great & small
  • Hatred & revenge issues
  • Your relationship with your soul
  • Your relationship with the divine
  • Wounds with your Twin Flame in past lives
  • Unresolved karma from past lives
  • Past life oaths and vows that are keeping you out of union
  • Ancestral beliefs around love and marriage
  • Codependency and stepping into your power

What makes it even more complex is that you are often not consciously aware of the wounds that are being triggered. On the outside it will just look like your Twin Flame is behaving badly, leading you on and playing games. They might tell you they don’t love you anymore or don’t want to be with you.

All these outer appearances in your reality are in fact not what is really going on.

The truth is that you and your twin pre-scripted your journey together for this lifetime and all this so called ‘bad behavior‘ is in fact meant to trigger these  subconscious wounds that you were unaware of but that were shaping your everyday experiences nonetheless.

This creates an immense opportunity for you to heal and grow, which will help you to really transform your life and create the life of your dreams – by clearing out all these subconscious blocks that were keeping you stuck in unwanted realities. Which means that this healing and clearing work you do not only benefits your Twin Flame connection, you actually reap the biggest rewards as it transforms your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Will this help you align to union with your Twin Flame?

Yes! If this person is your true Twin Flame then any work you do on becoming more whole within yourself will work through in your relationship with your twin.

Remember what you witness outside of you is only a reflection of what you hold to be true inside of you. The more you heal and clear within yourself, the more healed and cleared your physical reality becomes (that is mirrored back to you). So even if this person turns out – not to be your Twin Flame, the healing and clearing work you have done is not lost. It has brought you in a complete new higher vibrational reality, which brings in everything in your life that matches that more loving and harmonious frequency.

That increased loving and harmonius vibration that you then naturally emanate into the world, magnetizes to you it’s own reflection as your physical reality.

This is the only true road to Twin Flame union, becoming it’s vibrational match – so that it can manifest itself in your physical reality. You can’t manipulate or push and shove your way to union because it won’t be sustainable.

All this past (life) gunk and sludge, these outdated beliefs, repressed emotions, traumas, past life oaths and vows – all this wounding is lowering your personal vibrational frequency and needs to be released from your vibrational field in order for you to become a vibrational match to the higher vibrational frequency of Twin Flame union (which is not just a romantic relationship).

Because the Twin Flame connection is meant to be so much more than a romantic love story, the journey with your twin leads to becoming whole within yourself. Instead of being a half looking for another half to make them whole – this journey forces you to first find this wholeness inside yourself.

Twin Flame union is the outer manifestation of the inner union, found in oneself. True union cannot be lost, because it’s a soul growth process and therefore a state of consciousness in the self that is reflected back in the physical experience. It is a self perpetuating inner state, that does not depend on outer conditions.

To be honest many Divine Feminines with their strong focus on union and the obsessing over their twin 24/7 are in fact repelling their twin and union, because their intense desire completely demagnetizes them to their heart’s desire. Twin Flame union comes through detachment, it doesn’t manifest through intense desire.


When you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear, for your ship will come in over a ‘don’t care’ sea.”Florence Scovel Shinn

Even this obsessing about your twin 24/7 or an intense focus on physical romantic union, are all the earlier mentioned subconscious wounds that need to be addressed in order to become the vibrational match to the manifestation of your deepest heart’s desire. I know how deep this desire is, I have felt it as well on my own journey towards my Twin Flame – but it has to be neutralized in order for you to create union as a physical reality.

Because these states are caused by false beliefs that your happiness lies outside of you or depends on others. This keeps you searching for fulfillment externally, which equals to believing you are a half searching for another half to make you whole.

It’s clearing those beliefs and the (past life) situation in which you created them, that brings you back to your wholeness and into alignment to the union you crave.

Akashic record clearing

In order to help you heal these past lives and bring the subconscious programming that needs to be reprogrammed, into your conscious awareness I have developed a technique that gives you direct access to your own Akashic records. I use this technique in the Twin Flame Reunion Journeys to facilitate deep vibrational healing and clearing.

The Twin Flame Reunion journeys offer you a powerful journey into your subconscious mind and Akashic record to help you release deep unconscious and often karmic patterns that are weighing your vibrational field down with dense energies – which keep you corded to the old 3D paradigm templates and vibrational frequency.

It’s these energies that repel your twin and cause energetic disharmony which is at the root of the Twin Flame runner/chaser dynamic and long term separation. Remember Twin Flame unions don’t work on the two halves, becoming one whole model. Your twin will keep triggering everywhere where you are still feeling cut off from your own wholeness, even when you are already in a romantic relationship together.

The point of a Twin Flame connection is not the romance, the point is the soul growth – the romance is the cherry on top.

We all wish there was a magic pill, that we could take and we would be in instant union with our Twin Flame. Trust me, that pill doesn’t exist. We all have to do our own inner work and with this session, I can help you find multiple past lives and the subconscious programming that are keeping you and your twin out of harmony.

In the session you will experience directly which exact (past life) trauma’s, beliefs and repressed emotions are at this moment causing your Twin Flame to keep distance. The Gangsta Goddesses energy will help you heal and clear these vibrational wounds at the deepest level. This cleansing will benefit YOU personally, it will benefit your twin (as all the healing work one twin does works through to the benefit of the other twin too) and it will benefit your Twin Flame connection.

Many Twin Flames are scheduled to come into union in the coming years, but it is not something that just magically happens. If that were the case there wouldn’t be so many twin couples in separation for years on end and often even decades.

You have to remove your own (subconscious) blocks to union. The more you heal on your own initiative, the less wounds there are left that can be triggered in your Twin Flame relationship and the deeper these union energies can help you connect to your twin in the time to come.

Doing your inner healing work, in the end will be what will bring you into lasting harmony with your twin and get the most out of the supportive energies that are now being sent down to help more and more Twin Flames reach their final reunion together.

How does it work?

The Twin Flame Reunion Journeys are done by audio call. After you have paid for the session you will receive the link to my digital calendar, where you can book the date and time that suits you best. After your booking has been confirmed, I will call you at the appointed date and time.

During the call I will bring in the Gangsta Goddesses energy through your chakra’s, this energy activates your own dormant psychic ability allowing you to see (feel, hear or know) during the session.

In this journey into your Akashic record and subconscious mind we will clear and heal:

  • Any ancestral beliefs that are keeping you and your twin out of harmony, beliefs around love, marriage and men that the women and the men in your family believed in and passed down to you
  • Any childhood and inner child wounding that are standing between you and your twin and creating a healthy mature love relationship (For example trying to get Daddy’s love from your twin)
  • Any wounding and beliefs in this lifetime in regards to men and previous love relationships that are keeping you from fully manifesting a physical love relationship with your Twin Flame
  • Any wounding and beliefs from past lives that have you mistrust men/women, doubt love, fear sexuality or have any other negative charge that is making you subconsciously distrust the other sex in this lifetime
  • Any joint past lives with your twin in which you hurt, killed one another, lost each other or any other memory that has now been reactivated and needs to be healed before you can reach harmony together

The journey will take you through multiple past lifetimes and current life wounds which we will heal one by one. This will then reveal a deeper underlying karmic pattern to me, that we will hone in on and I will help you clear the root karmic pattern that is causing the manifestation of that same pattern in this lifetime.

Everything you heal in this journey will change your own vibrational frequency. It will also work through to your Twin Flame as your chakra systems are connected to each other and it will reduce the triggers between you that set off running, allowing for a more harmonious relationship together.

Manifesting a Twin Flame love relationship is much like any other manifestation, in which you need to eliminate all the internal blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your deepest heart’s desire – a loving and harmonious partnership with the love of your life – Your ONE TRUE LOVE. Some you will easily access yourself, other blocks are lodged deep inside your subconscious mind.

The Twin Flame Reunion Journey will help you get deep access to your subconscious mind and find the different ways YOU are subconsciously BLOCKING your own Twin Flame Union, even when it is consciously your deepest and most wanted heart’s desire.

This is a maximum 2 hour session on an audio call. Please make sure to use a headset.

If you have never worked with me before please start with a two hour session, as we will need that time to really access the underlying karmic pattern that needs to be healed.

After the session please:

  • Take an Epsom salt foot bath (sea salt or magnesium salt work too) to fully release the energies that we have brought up for clearing from the past lives we worked in.
  • Burn some dried sage in the room where you sat during the journey, this to clean the space energetically of all the residue energies we cleared during the session.
  • Drink lots of water to help flush out all the energies that were lodged in your physical body and are now being released.


Two sessions were more effective than months of conventional therapy

In my second session with Sabriyé I saw how the low self worth I have carried through many lifetimes has led to energetically coddling my twin, resonating with his pain and making excuses for his inconsiderate behavior, which stems from his own low self worth. I was reinforcing that. I understand why he ran from that energy.

After re-experiencing this pain at its source, I’ve let it go and shifted into expecting better for myself and from him. For me, two sessions with Sabriyé were more effective than months of conventional therapy. This shift doesn’t easily happen through logic and intellectual processing. It happens through energy and emotional experience, and it can happen quickly. I’m so grateful.


By buying this service you state that you have read the following disclaimer and terms of service and that you willingly enter into and accept the following as your own words:

I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am not receiving legal, professional, financial, medical, religious, emotional or psychological advice. I understand that no warranty or guarantee exists. I understand that any inferences I make during my session are my own, and are open to interpretation. I understand that it is my choice to act upon any information gleaned during my session and I hold Sabriyé harmless from any liability.

I understand that no professional relationship exists and that this is purely for entertainment purposes. By agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer, I certify that I am voluntarily seeking service from Sabriyé and take full responsibility for any/all outcomes.

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Please read these frequently asked questions before emailing any questions:

Do you do Twin Flame readings?

No, a Twin Flame Reunion Journey is not a reading. It is in fact much more powerful than a reading. In a journey I set up an energetic vortex which allows you to experience first hand what your subconscious and past life blocks are. This allows you to not only access the information firsthand without being dependent on a reader’s filters and possible misinterpretations, it also allows you to release the vibrational and emotional residue from long ago that are bleeding through in your current day experiences.

I have never done this, will this work for me?

Yes, even if you have never done anything like this before the energy I channel gives you access to your subconscious mind and Akashic record. Everyone I work with is able to experience their subconscious blocks and past lives. You will either see it like a movie, hear it like it is being said, feel it as if its happening or know it like you know your memories. The energy I channel activates your own often dormant clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant abilities during the session which allows you to uncover what is normally hidden in the subconscious.

Even if a client gets stuck Spirit will use me to give the client either confirmation or to help remember something that was tucked away deep in the subconscious mind. So although I do not see for my clients, I do feel with them through the whole process and lead them past their own defense mechanisms to access their deeper truth.

Is this hypnotherapy or regression?

No, it works similarly but it’s not the same. The energy I bring into your chakra system is what activates your (dormant) psychic abilities. Often clients will feel their bodies go into a deep state of relaxation after I have set up the energetic vortex and channeled the energy into their subtle bodies (etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual). It is a completely voluntary relaxation and you can come out of it whenever you like, no one has control over you and you are fully present throughout the whole session.

During the journey I guide you deeper and deeper into the experience, by asking you questions that will help you not only get the story you are experiencing more clear – it will also help you release the traumatic emotions that are still trapped in your vibrational field. We will do this for multiple experiences which are often from past lives as well as this lifetime and then I will help you access the deeper karmic pattern that is at the root cause of all these experiences. So we will heal and clear the individual experiences and the core trauma where all the later experiences originated from. Clients often visit anywhere between 1 to 5 and sometimes even more past lives, that are part of a deeper karmic pattern that their soul is ready to release.

This energy was given to me to channel after I spent physical time with my twin in India, it is our third energy that we as a Twin Flame couple have brought as part of our mission to assist the Twin Flame collective in our joint mission as twins to assist in the ascension process of planet Earth.

But what if I am just making it all up?

Sometimes clients who doubt themselves and their own judgment fear that they are just making it all up. I always ask them to stay neutral and to let the stories unfold, without any judgment. The deeper karmic pattern that we access they always recognize as what is being played out in their current day reality. I tell them the stories don’t even have to be true and they don’t have to be, because true or not they show us what the client believes at a deep subconscious level and to be honest a lot of the stuff we hold to be true in our subconscious mind is false to begin with.

The problem is that whatever we believe to be true at a subconscious level, we create as our physical reality whether it’s ultimately true or false or if it is good for us or not. If the subconscious mind believes something is not in our best interest based on an old outdated belief it will not allow it in our reality and visa versa. There is only one person that can really show you what you believe at the deepest depth of your subconscious mind, and that is you. Besides trusting your own judgment is one of the most important lessons on the Twin Flame journey, you cannot reach union without it.

These deep karmic patterns based on your subconscious beliefs are either going to play out in your reality, or you can clear them out. It’s these patterns that are at the root of Twin Flame disharmony and often cause the running that can happen in a Twin Flame dynamic.

How quickly will I see results?

This varies from person to person and depends also on how deep rooted the subconscious or past life block is that is being cleared. Some clients have instantaneous results, some clients feel shifts within days, for others it takes weeks and it can also take months.

This all depends on how long the shift needs to manifest in the physical. It can take some time for the higher vibrational frequencies manifest in the denser matter of our physical reality. If you want your twin to come back into your life NOW, don’t book this session – it doesn’t work like that. There is in fact no magic pill to bring your twin back immediately and that is really a good thing, even when you might feel union is long overdue. A hyper focus on wanting your twin back in your life asap, indicates that you still need to work on your own wholeness.

If you are ready to really work on removing the long term blocks that are keeping you and your twin apart and most of all the blocks that are keeping you from feeling whole and happy now, whether your twin comes back or not – then this session is for you. It doesn’t matter then if your twin comes back in 3 months or in 9 months because you won’t be counting the days anymore for their return. You will be out creating the life you love, because you are working on your own inner healing?

How many sessions do I need?

These are very intense sessions that work through over a longer period of time. In general all you need is one session per issue. I have clients that book me to work on Twin Flame issues, the relationship with one or both parents, money problems, etc.

After a first time journey of two hours, you can in the future book a one hour journey with me to work on a deeper layer or other issues. But as these are very powerful sessions you don’t need multiple sessions to create a shift.

Do you only work with Twin Flames or twin related issues?

You don’t need to be a Twin Flame to work with me. I specialize in Twin Flames because that is part of my life mission, but the energy I work with works whether you are a twin or not and it also works on non twin related issues. Although that is a huge misconception, because people often think that twin related means romance and this is not true.

You need to release everything that is keeping you locked into the old 3D ego consciousness and that encompasses every area of your life. Besides that for example money blocks are the same as love blocks, it’s both a question of not feeling for example worthy to receive or able to receive which often is rooted in past life trauma’s.

Everything that helps you unroot from the old 3D paradigm and lift your vibrational frequency to the 5th dimension of manifesting heaven on earth is part of the Twin Flame journey so this can include healing sexual trauma, money blocks, forgiving a parent, etc.

Can you tell me if this is my twin, when he or she will be back or tell me what is going on for them?

No I can’t and this is useless information to be honest. Only you, your twin and God know if you are really Twin Flames, anyone else has a 50% chance of being right and therefore also being wrong. You don’t want to give anyone the power to tell you who is or isn’t your Twin Flame. If you really want an answer and don’t trust your inner knowing try this foolproof method.

When he or she comes back depends on you doing the healing work and the soul growth needed for the souls to be ready to need to be close in the physical again. If you would know your twin would be back in three months, you would sit back and wait. But this is not a normal 3D romantic love story, this is a 5D spiritual connection based on unconditional love – romance is the cherry on top.

We will also not focus on what is going on for your Twin Flame, because we will use our time together to change the only thing that we really have the power of changing and that is ourselves. By removing the subconscious blocks and past life blocks we change your inner reality and when we change your inner reality, your outer reality will automatically change to mirror your new inner state.

This is the only thing that will create lasting changes in your life and your only shot at making your Twin Flame connection work for you, because as long as you try to manipulate, force, seduce or use any other 3D tactic to get your twin back – you energetically repel your twin more and more.

I am afraid to see something bad or scary

Nothing we will see in the session can still hurt you and I am with you every step of the way. I also use my body to help you clear the emotional residue and trauma from past lives. This alleviates you from experiencing the full blow of the emotions.

I will often feel the emotions come up before you do as the energy softly works through the block that is being cleared. We will breathe through the emotions coming up together and by allowing them to be felt, they leave your vibrational field once and for all.

I have never had anyone pass out or start to hyperventilate in a journey, there is really nothing to be scared of. We are in a protected space while working together and we are surrounded by our angels and guides, the Ascended Masters and our own higher selves.

There is really nothing to fear, your soul will use the session to help you release all your blocks to your deepest heart’s desire that can be released in this moment. By releasing these blocks you are brought into deeper alignment to the very thing you want to manifest. You have the full support of the Universe in this, because this is your birthright.

The Universe always has your back.

How do I pay?

All payments are securely handled by Credit card or PayPal. If you are living in the Netherlands and you want to add money to PayPal through iDEAL go here https://www.paypal-opwaarderen.nl/nl/opwaarderen.

Refunds and No shows

There are no refunds. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the session. In case of no shows, the session will be cancelled completely.

All sessions are online only

All sessions are done on Skype or through Facebook calls. I do NOT offer in person sessions offline.
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