Healing Activation


11/11 Gateway healing activation with Alisha Braché & Sabriyé Dubrie

Live streamed (video) healing activation from Es Vedra, Ibiza, Spain that harnesses both the Es Vedra energies as the 11.11.11 gateway energy to assist you in stepping into your higher timelines for yourself, your mission and your union.


This meditation was live streamed from Es Vedra, Ibiza the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world. Harnessing both the energies of Es Vedra and the 11.11.11 gateway in this powerful activation directed at stepping into your higher timelines for yourself, your mission and your union.

This is a video replay of a live 11.11 Gateway portal healing activation with Sabriyé Ayana and Alisha Braché. These energies will continue to work through also past the 11.11.11 date.

11.11 ~ 11th November 2018 on the 11 master year (2+0+1+8 =11)
This Energy Portal has been building up velocity and power for years… moving forward to this point as we embark on the birthing of a new cycle within our own lives and on the planet.

The number 11 ~ Itself is a master number which talks about self mastery in a lifetime ~ the double 11.11 can be viewed as two counterparts going through their Ascension/Self Mastery process together in this lifetime

As we embark on our awakening journey and Twin Flame experience as part of this emerging of our Divine Embodiment through our connection as a team to assist one another through this process, which is also assisting this planet through her Ascension process.

This live transmission will be one not to be missed as it will guide you through a journey or re-connection with your higher self and connection with your Divine Counterpart to clear away any energy that is no longer in Alignment with the highest good.

And we connect deeply with the soul family around the planet to assist anchoring more 5D energies and love into the planet as we come closer and closer to the Event, the transformation of planet Earth from the 3rd frequency dimension to the 5th frequency dimension.

As above so below and so in order to assist our communities and the planet in the BIG shift, we first need to create this shift within ourselves and raise our own vibrational frequency to the higher 5th dimensional state of being.

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