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How to start living your soul purpose and share your unique gift with the world

You are a spiritual being having a human experience We tend to get so entangled with our earthly identity that we sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of the other way around. Sure life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, but we also chose this embodiment because we […]

The reason why your hearts desire hasn’t manifested yet

What’s lurking in the dark, that you can’t see? This weekend I was at the Millionaire Mindset Intensive and it was like my third or fourth time to go, since I heard T Harv Eker speak at the first one in Amsterdam, back in 2011. And like each time I was there, I had beautiful  […]

What to do when your inner child is sabotaging your life and business

Do I even have an inner child? Yes you do, we all have parts of who we once were still in our subconscious. They can be very happy and healthy aspects that support us in living a healthy and happy life or they can sabotage us if there is still unresolved child wounding. Your inner […]

Is your subconscious mind running the show in your life & business?

Who’s really in charge? You have heard of the law of attraction right? You then know that you can create your own reality. But like most people you might have had variating results. Sometimes it’s super easy to manifest your desires and it’s only a matter of minutes, hours or days and what you asked […]

Having lots of money or the perfect relationship will NOT make you happy
the three step secret to lasting happiness

Reaching your goals doesn’t lead to lasting happiness We have this illusion that once we have gotten that which we have so longed for, we will be happy and stay happy. Be it money, a slim body, the perfect job, the wonderful life partner, recovering our good health…. Doing the Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys I […]

The Universe doesn’t do injustice, but then why does my reality seem SO unfair?

The Universe ALWAYS has your back The idea of a punitive God we have long left behind us, we know that our source is Love and that our creator is like an all loving parent always looking out for us. Giving us everything we need and ask for in life. The Universe will never withhold […]

The real reason money is tight. Let’s talk about money blocks

What’s blocking your money flow baby? The story I share with you today was one of my first steps out in the world of using the power of healing and what even I considered to be pretty woo-woo stuff back then,  to INCREASE my BUSINESS SUCCESS. I had set a target of wanting to go […]

The art of surrendering and the manifesting mojo it brings to your life and business

The manifesting formula In order to create the life and business you want, you need to work with the law of attraction. The formula is as followed: Ask – Believe – Act –  Let go – Receive. Following these five simple steps can help you create the reality you want to be living, both in […]

Thinking everything in life is a mirror saying something about you will drive you crazy

Is everything in your life a mirror? The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, your outer reality mirrors your inner beliefs. No, not every jerk you meet in your life is a mirror of something inside of you or means you are giving off bad vibes attracting this shit. I know a […]

Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journey

Are you feeling stuck in your life and or your business? Life and business is all about personal growth and healing. In order to grow our souls and the Universe bring people, experiences and situations into our lives to help us shift to the next level in our soul journey. Often it’s hard to see […]

The present moment is exactly as it should be… a modern day spiritual fairy tale

It’s more then just a spiritual platitude You’ve heard it before that the present moment is always perfect, bringing you exactly what you need. But did you believe it? Well maybe when things were going exactly as you hoped or planned you thought to yourself ‘See! The current moment is perfect, exactly as it is.’ […]

Gratitude is my new attitude
your personal mantra to get more of the good stuff in life

Why is gratitude so important? The law of attraction is an unbiased law, that means it doesn’t give a crap what we focus on – it will just give us more of that (regardless of what it is). This makes focusing on gratitude of utter importance and not just some new age mumbo jumbo or […]

How changing your perspective can instantly make you feel better

You can’t create a new reality until you accept what is happening right now. To help you release the resistance at even the deepest levels, you need to be the Goddess of Acceptance. Because what you resist, persists. So you need to be neutral in your current reality to be able to attract a new […]

Twin Souls, the most unromantic yet greatest love story you will ever live and more and more twins are reuniting in this time

Twin souls over-romanticized BS or true love? I have been thinking about writing an article about twin flames (twin souls) for some time. But every time I felt it wasn’t the right time. This morning after a twin flame runner showed me a real peek behind the facade he had pulled up for the outside […]

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