The practical approach to making the Twin Flame connection work for you

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How to have your own private Q&A with the Universe

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have Q&A’s with the Universe? Imagine getting all the EXACT right answers to your questions directly from the Universe, now wouldn’t that be awesome. No more having to overanalyze things. No more needing to ask your close friends for advice. No more feeling insecure if you took the […]

How your past lives can still be "haunting" you in this life
if you don’t allow yourself to heal them

Current drama is often past life trauma I have always been a bit resistant to delving into past lives. This life is often difficult enough right? Why complicate things with lives lived long in the past, when the present moment is NOW and your moment of creative power also lies in this moment? What I […]

Why you should stop future tripping right now, and just relax in the moment if you want miracles in your life

Are you future tripping through life? You know you are future tripping through life when, instead of enjoying the moment you are trying to look into the future to imagine what better or worse things are yet to come. You either project your fears or your burning desires on the future, which in both cases […]

How to start living your soul purpose
and share your unique gift with the world

You are a spiritual being having a human experience We tend to get so entangled with our earthly identity that we sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of the other way around. Sure life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, but we also chose this embodiment because we […]

The reason why your hearts desire hasn’t manifested yet

What’s lurking in the dark, that you can’t see? This weekend I was at the Millionaire Mindset Intensive and it was like my third or fourth time to go, since I heard T Harv Eker speak at the first one in Amsterdam, back in 2011. And like each time I was there, I had beautiful  […]

What to do when your inner child is sabotaging your life and business

Do I even have an inner child? Yes you do, we all have parts of who we once were still in our subconscious. They can be very happy and healthy aspects that support us in living a healthy and happy life or they can sabotage us if there is still unresolved child wounding. Your inner […]

Is your subconscious mind running the show in your life & business?

Who’s really in charge? You have heard of the law of attraction right? You then know that you can create your own reality. But like most people you might have had variating results. Sometimes it’s super easy to manifest your desires and it’s only a matter of minutes, hours or days and what you asked […]

Having lots of money or the perfect relationship will NOT make you happy
the three step secret to lasting happiness

Reaching your goals doesn’t lead to lasting happiness We have this illusion that once we have gotten that which we have so longed for, we will be happy and stay happy. Be it money, a slim body, the perfect job, the wonderful life partner, recovering our good health…. Doing the Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys I […]

The Universe doesn’t do injustice,
but then why does my reality seem SO unfair?

The Universe ALWAYS has your back The idea of a punitive God we have long left behind us, we know that our source is Love and that our creator is like an all loving parent always looking out for us. Giving us everything we need and ask for in life. The Universe will never withhold […]

The real reason money is tight. Let’s talk about money blocks

What’s blocking your money flow baby? The story I share with you today was one of my first steps out in the world of using the power of healing and what even I considered to be pretty woo-woo stuff back then,  to INCREASE my BUSINESS SUCCESS. I had set a target of wanting to go […]

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