My Indian Love Story – a modern Twin Flame adventure

My Indian Love Story

I met my Twin Flame online in April 2014 through our mutual businesses that were in the same field at that time. We fell in love immediately, he had already seen my picture and felt an instant connection. He told me later ‘You were already special to me from the moment I saw your picture.’

For me it happened during a Skype chat, where I only saw his company logo but what he wrote and the energy I felt coming through – I fell in love with him before I ever saw his face. When I did see his face, I couldn’t believe how hot he looked. He was exactly the type of guy I felt physically attracted to.

On our very first personal Skype call we stayed together the whole night, two hours into the call as he came back from checking on his team he said ‘I know this sounds absurd, but this is what I feel. I love you Sabriyé.’ and then he asked me what I wanted him to be in my life? I needed time to think about that and for three days my world was turned upside down and then I knew for sure that I wanted this man as my husband and I wanted his child. When I told him this and he was 24 years old at that time, he told me it was the happiest day of his life to hear I wanted this with him. Shortly after that he disappeared without saying goodbye, he refused to answer my text messages or pick up my calls. Later he told me that it was not only the happiest day of his life, but also the saddest because he knew his family would not agree to a marriage with me. He didn’t even need to ask, our age difference and the fact that I had children were unacceptable in his culture.

I decided to go to India and had already manifested all I needed to go, when I called my twin’s and my mutual best friend to tell him the good news that I would be coming our friend said ‘I’m sorry Sabriyé, our families came together over the weekend and it has been decided we all have to get married. He has to get married too.’ I felt like I had been punched in the stomach and called my twin, he picked up immediately and explained to me he couldn’t talk now but that he would talk to me at night from his office. When I told my twin I had just manifested everything I needed to fly out to him, he nearly fell from his chair in shock. He told me it had been his plan to get everything in order on his end and that he had then wanted to come to me.

This was in the late summer of 2014 and one of the last times we talked as he fled into an affair with one of the girls from his friend group. In our final call he tried to say he didn’t love me anymore, his voice broke with emotion and he could hardly get it out of his mouth. He laughed sheepishly and avoided all calls after that. We did attempt to be friends, which was a disaster of superficialness that was unfitting for the profound depth that he and I are, when we are together. By my birthday in February 2015 we finally spoke to each other again and before I knew it my twin was telling me how he could also not stop thinking about me, that he had tried to break off contact in the hope that we would forget each other – but that it hadn’t worked.

Throughout 2015 my twin would run away and then come back and pull me even closer at one point as I was just about ready to give up, so tired of the push and pull dynamic we had going on, he told me all plans for an arranged marriage had been postponed until a more auspicious time a couple years later. His family are very much into astrology and had his personal chart done. I responded that at least then maybe all this craziness would stop and his voice broke when he said ‘Honestly, now that I have you in my life I never want to let you go…’ This trend continued until he made us lovers again at the end of August 2015. I was so happy he was back in my life and that he did love me.

Then out of nowhere the Universe decided that it was time for us to meet in real life for the very first time. Because only two weeks later our mutual best friend invited me to come to India for his wedding at the end of November that year. When my twin found out I was coming, he more or less refused to speak to me for three months. I had to get on the plane not knowing what to expect from him when I arrived. I decided I wasn’t going to let a little bit of difficult behavior from his side, ruin the most important meeting in my lifetime. I could either go filled with anger and resentment and fuck everything up myself, or I could choose for forgiveness and go in with an open mind and an open heart. I chose the latter – ready to face the truth no matter what!

When we finally met at the village of the wedding, we quickly realized that everything we had felt at such a distance – we also felt for each other up close. Under the influence of a special moon for Twin Souls, we talked about a future together as husband and wife. Soon we discovered that as in most Twin Flame relationships we still had some more inner work to do before and they lived happily ever after could become our reality….

In the My Indian Love Story blogs I take you with me on my journey of faith which was both an outer journey as much as an inner journey, filled with miracles and a loving Universe, that always had my back every step of the way.

Want to connect to other Twin Flames? Join our Gangsta Goddesses Twin Flame Community, for support on your journey of healing and personal growth.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




P.s. After my return from India I was given the Gangsta Goddesses energy to help those ready to clear their sabotaging blocks and heal the wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes. For Twin Flames what causes the whole runner & chaser dynamic is exactly their unhealed baggage from the past and subconscious beliefs that are keeping them out of union.

To help as many Twin Flame couples reach Twin Flame Reunion, Spirit has guided me to create a Twin Flame Reunion Journey in which you clear and heal everything that is keeping you out of your union with your twin. Clearing up your own blocks to the Twin Flame union, has a massive impact on your Twin Flame relationship and a possible physical reunion.

My Indian Love Story blogs

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