Goddess Revival Retreat

Goddess Revival Retreat India Rajasthan 2019

A powerful 8 day retreat working with my personal healing team to transform
your inner blocks to union.

Goddess Revival Retreat India

Our next Gangsta Goddesses Retreats will be in India! After the enormous success of our first Gangsta Goddesses Retreat in Ibiza, we are now facilitating two retreats in India.

Healing your core wounds is such an important part of the Twin Flame journey, whether you reunite with your twin or not. In this 8 day healing retreat you get to work with my personal healing team, which will help you remove all your blocks to inner and outer union. This powerfully aligns you to the manifestation of your heart’s desire in your physical reality.

In fact one of the participants of the Ibiza retreat reunited with her twin, within weeks after she returned home from Spain.

Yet even if physical union doesn’t happen as quickly as you would like, reviving your inner goddess is crucial to you creating your Heaven on Earth with or without your twin. Remember romance is only the cherry on top, becoming ALL that you are truly meant to be is what this journey is really about.

In these eight intense healing days we will help you tap into the authentic you and encourage you to fully step into the highest expression of yourself. It’s often when you start emitting your true core frequency, your twin comes rushing back to you. Because their pulling back was never meant to be more than a means to trigger the mutual inner wounding that was keeping you apart.

Retreat dates:

Fairy-tale Rajasthan: Starting January 13th – January 21st 2019

Early bird pricing till September 22nd:

The retreat price including all healing sessions, airport pickup and drop off, the excursions, meals and hotel room is in the $$$$ range. Until September 22nd there is an early bird price which saves you $500.

Available spots:

Because of the intensive one on one sessions, we ONLY have 10 spots available. This allows us to work with each of you individually and for you to work with each healer.

Retreat set up:

  • The retreat lasts 8 days.
  • We start with a powerful opening ceremony in which we set our healing intentions.
  • You then have your five healing sessions spread out over the week.
  • One excursion day in between to get a taste of India and to take a break.
  • One spa day to help re-calibrate the body after the intense healing work.
  • At the end of the retreat we have a closing ritual with a Goddess blessing.
  • With plenty of down time to integrate the new insights, breakthroughs and healing that are guaranteed this week.

Retreat perks:

  • Goddess photo-shoot with Charlotte Kropholler
  • Complimentary massage
  • Mehendi (henna) body work


The Gangsta Goddesses retreat in Ibiza was a life-changing experience with a powerful team of healers personally selected by Sabriye. The intensive week was profoundly spiritual. I connected more deeply with myself and gained new insight into the dynamic of my TF connection. I made some significant shifts that helped me recognize the power I had in the situation, if I could let go of my attachment to the outcome. Not long after I returned home, I reunited with my TF and we are now together.


Meet the healers

Sandra de Vos

Shamanic healing transforming
the inner darkness

Sandra de Vos loves to bring harmony in what seems to be energetically out of alignment. She invites blockages that keep your life-force from its effortless flow to come out into the open. That what was kept hidden and longs to be released from its imprisonment, to be truly seen for the essence that it carries deep inside.

As a channel Sandra facilitates you with releasing old and stuck energy. During an energetic session she ‘dances’ with your subconsciousness. Through shamanic drumming, sound healing, light languages, metaphors, body movements she reveals the deeply rooted energies that are ready to be released. This helps you to become more grounded, transform obstacles, connect with Source energy and surrender to your inner wisdom.

Ellen Nijenhuis

Healing channel for your own healing team
of Ascended Masters, angels & guides

Ellen Nijenhuis is a powerful energy healer who works with the craniosacral fluid flow in your body to facilitate deep healing from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Ellen has a specialty to channel your own personal healing team and assist in the downloads and upgrades that are being held in escrow for you by your guides and angels.

For our India retreat she will be focusing on ancient Egyptian initiations gone wrong and clearing the related trauma. Many Twin Flames have been initiated in ancient Egypt and are ready to clear the deep rooted soul traumas from those lifetimes.

Joseph Scorselo

Psychologist and hypnotist specialized in
feminine empowerment

Joseph is a psychologist and hypnotherapist who has worked with thousands of clients both in Europe and the United States. He is internationally recognized as a coach and educator. Who has worked with executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals and is a specialist in Leadership Training and team and staff assessments in Startups.

Joseph has created his own method to help his clients fully step into their authentic power, this helps them release all the places where they have kept themselves small and limited by their own fears. In his sessions he helps his clients understand what is truly blocking them and how to release these blocks.

Sadhu Valakhilyas

Dearmoring and sexual empowerment

Dearmoring is an intense healing process that loosens the pain tapes from the past held within the body. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It restores your natural balance and generates transformation on a cellular level. The process utilizes pressure points, strong vibration, breath and the movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to loosen, break up, and remove your body’s armor.

Sadhu as sexual shamanic practitioner facilitates your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and supports you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others.

Sabriye Dubrie

Akashic Record Clearing of past lives
and subconscious patterns

Sabriyé facilitates Twin Flame Reunion Journeys in which she channels an energy that allows the client access to their own subconscious mind and Akashic record. This then allows the client to see subconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them and even shows the past life wounding that is bleeding through in their current day reality.

By firmly closing the door on past lives, retrieving soul aspects and making the unconscious - conscious again Sabriyé has helped hundreds of Twin Flames transform their lives. Seeing the truth on a Soul level is life changing and creates powerful vibrational shifts that alter realities.

Lai Durve

Inner child healing & family constellation

Lai is a family constellation trainer, past life regression practitioner, inner-child teacher and a certified and licensed 'Heal your Life' Teacher.

Lai conducts in-depth one on one sessions for inner child work with amazing results. During a session Lai helps you pinpoint the old belief system you created based on the parent and inner child relationship, which has become the minds blueprint for adult life. She has a unique ability of releasing and transforming old limiting patterns and negative beliefs by utilizing powerful tools such as working with positive affirmations and doing mirror work.


Sabriye’s Twinflame Retreat was truly 1 of my most cherished memories etched in my heart! It comprised of 5 Transformational Catalyst so to say “healers” but I see them more of “game changers” who helped me recognise my true potential!
The Retreat format was receiving one session each from each of them. Each of them tapped into different arenas & thereby give me profound insights that I had never considered before! These catalyst held space for me to be “vulnerable, authentic & raw with no judgement at all!
The sacred opening ceremony felt as an “sacred initiation & intention setting felt like a intention for “rebirth” What followed next was an oddessy deep within into my own abyss! For the longest time I wanted to understand “surrender” in its true essence & this Retreat paved the path for me to not only understand the concept but to LIVE it as a virtue- way of Life!
The accommodation was as beautiful as a “paradise” in an enticing villa that hosted us! Vegan meals were therapeutic & was food for soul! The closing ceremony felt as if I am finally ready to “birth” the grandest version of myself in this reality without any qualms & fear!
Sabriye also took us to Es Vedra & that was truly a magnificent spot as it was an energy vortex & strong magnetic spot on Earth. Just being there opened up my portals to “receiving energy downloads”
The beach meditation that followed post our visit, led by Sabriye- anchored this new vibration in my being & was to reiterate that I am now on my soul purpose path!
The Retreat was Life changing to say the least & its a journey that is unfolding every moment! It paved the path for me to return back to “self” & step into my own knowing!
Hugest gratitude to Sabriye & each healer for ushering in a new phase of soul growth & evolution beyond measure! I now not only “TRUST” the process of Life but also “surrendering” to it, for I have recognised that this “surrender is my biggest strenght”

Sheetal Raj

Spiritual healer/Life Coach
Mumbai, India

You will never have felt as beautiful as you will feel in India….

Charlotte’s whole self image changed when she self photographed her body. She realized that her body was much more beautiful than she had thought in her mind. This shifted her whole perception of herself, giving her much more confidence to be herself in the world.

In the Goddess photo-shoot Charlotte will photograph you in lingerie, naked or dressed as you like to help you see how truly beautiful you are. As women we get bombarded daily with messages that tell us we can only be beautiful when x condition is fulfilled. In the Goddess photo-shoot Charlotte will help you see your unconditional beauty, so you feel confident to show your true self even more to the world.

The Goddess Revival Retreat is all about releasing your inner inhibitions that are keeping you from fully claiming your unique place in the world. The Goddess photo-shoot is a powerful therapeutic tool to not only change the way you see yourself, but to give yourself permission to be seen in the truth of who you are.

What’s covered in the price?

*Rooms depend on whether you choose to share or want a VIP room all to yourself
**Vegan meals are available on request
***Extra sessions can be booked at extra costs with the healers of your choice
****Two complimentary massages for the VIP room bookings


Call it climbing up the hill or coming a full circle, the Gangsta Goddess Retreat at Ibiza has been a life-changing experience for me.

It was an uphill task as I undertook the journey of becoming a healer but once I arrived at the top of the summit, I realized that the view from there was actually a complete change in perspective. And as I diligently made my way up, I was also coming a full circle in meeting and knowing myself. The perfect energy field – appropriateness – which I had discovered in the Ibiza retreat, became all the more clear to me as I completed the healer program.

Earlier I was made aware of the many blocks and preconceived notions within me, which stopped me from looking at myself. I was then able to find an ethereal beauty in accepting and acknowledging every bit of myself. There is beauty also in letting myself go and surrendering completely. At this retreat, learning to be a healer myself, I was taken on to another dimension altogether. Although the programme put a strain on my purse strings, I realised that money flows to you, it finds a way to you, once you say 'yes' to growth in your life.

Our five dear healers gave us the key to be able to move ahead with awareness about life and openness towards the learning that life offers. For me the greatest learning has been the discovery of this brilliant shift within me that allows me freedom to feel, to be and to move ahead in life. I offer my simple and heartfelt gratitude to my loving Sabriye’, graceful Ellen, jovial Joseph, mysterious Sandra and ever-shining Sadhu for helping me 'see' my beautiful self. Becoming a healer is by no means the end a journey. It is in fact the beginning of another beautiful empowering and enriching one.


Inner child healing &
family constellation

Picking your room type:

A shared room gives you access to all the retreat basics, plus you share your room with another retreat guest.

If you are looking for a VIP experience of this retreat you can book the VIP room which gives you, your own private bedroom, with bathroom and double bed and the following extras:

I am interested in joining
the Goddess Revival Retreat
in India.

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