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On this page you can read a bit about my background. I consciously started working with the law of attraction when I was 21. I was introduced to the science of the spoken word already when I was nine years old and my mom moved us from Amsterdam to sunny California, where I grew up in a new age movement led by Elisabeth Clare Prophet, one of the first Twin Flame teachers of this time.

I don’t belong to any particular religion, despite the Ohm sign or the sari. I do believe in a higher power that I can refer to as God or the Universe. I believe we live in a loving Universe that supports us fully in every second of our existence here on Earth, but also in the other worlds where we don’t need a physical body. Where we exist as souls. I believe the Universe always has our back, especially in the moments we doubt it the most.

I actually didn’t always believe that, until I met my Twin Flame in April 2014 who has really been my teacher in trusting the Universe. You can read a more detailed version of my Twin Flame story, on the My Indian Love Story page.

This is the short version:

November 2015 I got on an airplane to fly to India to meet the man who only 18 months before stole my heart in a Skype call. He had turned my life upside down and had been in my thoughts 24/7 since that day. I was drawn to him like a magnet. Even though we both tried to walk away, our bond was unbreakable. After a short period of intense love and bonding, he disappeared without a warning. Signs came into my life to let me know this was my Twin Soul. Cause even though I had been taught about Twin Flames from an early age, I had never actively sought to find mine.

My twin became my biggest challenge and teacher. He was my final exam in Faith, by a loving Universe. After the initial shock and feelings of devastation of thinking I lost such a deep soul love, the runner – chaser dynamic soon started. This dynamic pushed me through an immense cleansing and healing process on so many levels – to the very core of my being. With each time he ran, I came to deeper healing, deeper understanding and inner growth. Although painful each and every time, every time we were held apart it turned out to be such a blessing. Taking us both to the next level – our love for each other even deeper than before, allowing us to reconnect before the next round of purging would start.

Keeping myself standing in a Twin Soul relationship made me really grab back to everything I know about the Law of Attraction. My Twin Flame relationship was like an advanced course in using the Goddesses energy and wisdom. I needed Faith, Acceptance, Self love, Patience, Forgiveness and Gratitude just to name a few. Download the Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto to meet the 13 Goddesses and find out how they can assist you on your Twin Flame journey.

After my return from India and the physical meeting of my twin, I had a kundalini rising experience and was given the Gangsta Goddesses energy to help those ready to clear their sabotaging blocks and heal the wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes. For Twin Flames what causes the whole runner & chaser dynamic is exactly their unhealed baggage from the past and subconscious beliefs that are keeping them out of union.

In hindsight it should have been clear to me from the start that I was meant to be a Twin Flame teacher and healer. Especially since I had grown up with Twin Flame teachings from one of the leading experts on Twin Flame relationships at that time. Plus that my unique gift is being able to channel an energy that seems to be tailor made for Twin Flames, to help them heal and clear their blocks to union with their Divine counterpart. But it wasn’t clear to me at all in the beginning, I had no clue. It was really a question of when the master is ready, the students will appear. As soon as I stepped into my role as a Twin Flame leader, my website traffic exploded bringing in twins from all over the world looking for answers about their Twin Flame connection.

My own Twin Flame journey has been used by Spirit to fully prepare me for my mission as a Twin Flame teacher and healer. I have experienced almost every aspect of the Twin Flame journey there is to experience, the good, the bad and the ugly. I know what my clients are going through and what they need to do to turn their twin drama into Twin Flame bliss.

It takes such guts to live an extraordinary life, to follow your heart when nothing makes sense to the mind. And let’s be honest logic makes no sense anymore, after you have met your Twin Flame. Nothing is as it used to be after you have met your twin. It’s so easy to shy back, to feel alone, to feel like there is something wrong with you. It’s so easy to allow yourself to get paralyzed by feelings of overwhelm or to be afraid of owning your own greatness and to shine your light BRIGHT into the world. But this is what we signed up for as Twin Flames, to bring in new templates of unconditional love into the world and to assist the planet and it’s inhabitants to make the shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. To enter heaven on earth.

Yet, it is so easy to feel lost when first making this shift inside yourself….

For this reason I have developed some products to help you make this shift:

Online Twin Community

To start off you can join the Online Twin Community where you can connect to Twin Flames all over the world. Connecting with other Twin Flames will help you see that some of the things you took personally, are not meant that way at all. The energy in this group is unlike other twin communities and members often report that joining the group accelerated their timeline with their Twin Flame.

Cut through the crap session

If you just have some quick questions about your Twin Flame journey or you first want to talk to me before you start coaching or book a Twin Flame Reunion Journey you can book a 30 minute Cut through the crap session with me.  In this session I will help you cut through the crap of your current situation with your Twin Flame and give you a new perspective on the situation and clear steps to proceed forward.

Twin Flame Union coaching

The Twin Flame Union coaching is meant to help you navigate the Twin Flame journey. I will work one on one with you towards Twin Flame Union and give you concrete steps to take to align to the manifestation of your heart’s desire. Working with a Twin Flame expert will help you speed up the timeline and help you avoid common mistakes a lot of twin’s make on their journey, normally leading to longer timelines and more twin drama.

Twin Flame Reunion Journey

When you are ready to let go of your own blocks to Twin Flame union, then it is time to book a Twin Flame Reunion Journey with me. Even when you think your twin is the one holding up reunion, this is never the case. If your twin is not ready, it means you are not ready and something still has to be released. Especially clearing the runner past life, can really make a difference in your Twin Flame connection as it removes the past life memories and energetic residue that triggers your twin every time he or she tries to come close to you. This is a two hour session in which I use the Gangsta Goddesses energy to give you access to your subconscious mind and your past lives through the Akashic records, in which we will heal and clear the karmic residue that is in fact creating the drama in your Twin Flame connection. Connecting to these energies yourself directly instead of me reading them for you, allows you to fully erase them from your energy field.

The Twin Flame journey doesn’t need to be a journey through hell and full of drama. I am looking forward to helping you speed up your timeline to your Twin Flame union and making your whole twin journey the wondrous and magical experience that it is meant to be.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




Sabriyé Dubrie